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Oakland Unified School District

Garden Education

Our Vision

OUSD Garden Education's goal is to establish and maintain a garden in every school.

For the most up-to-date information about OUSD school gardens, policies, resources, and programs, visit The Center Education and Community Programming website.

School gardens provide urban children access to nature and reflect each child's inherent right to the following:

  • Access to healthy, locally-produced food
  • Understanding of food systems and the natural cycle
  • Social, economic and health justice
  • Hands-on alternatives to testing-based instruction
  • Self-reliance and character-building opportunities
  • Connection to local community

Through school gardens, students become stewards of the environment and gain a stake in the community and the world. This empowers them to discover the connections between personal health, education and opportunity.  


OUSD School Gardens & Living Schoolyards

Environment, Food & Garden Curriculum

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School Gardens and Living Schoolyards Program Manager

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Garden Education