About Fiscal Vitality

  • Fiscal Vitality is one of three priority areas. A financially healthy District is critical. This website is dedicated to making the budgeting process more accessible and transparent. We will update this page often with presentations, reports, and features. Below you will find pages with more information:
    Current Snapshot:  There are three main threads of work: (1) OUSD is working through some emerging details a state relief package (AB 1840) under which the state will provide addtional financial support to OUSD if it meets certain benchmarks; (2) staff is developing the financial options we need to meet our fiscal challenges and engaging in a listening campaign to help vet those ideas with the larger community; and (3) staff is completing the first interim report as a snapshot of OUSD's financial health. See below for more information and check back frequently. 
    Thank you.
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Our Plan for Fiscal Vitality

  • Click here to view OUSD's plan to improve

    • Fiscal Vitality Plan
    • Progress Updates
    • External Reports
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This and the Next Three Years

  • Click here to learn more about this year's budget and what is coming in the next few years in Oakland

    • The Special Committee on Fiscal Vitality
    • Connecting with Kylas updates related to the budget
    • Information on AB1840
    • Calendar with key meeting dates
    • Fiscal suggestion box
    • More features coming soon
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Fiscal Transparency

  • Click here for resources for digging deep into the OUSD budget and history.  

    • History and Data
    • Past Financial Presentations
    • Interactive Data Tools
    • Budget Reports