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Oakland Unified School District

Unclaimed Warrants (Checks)

Stale Warrants (Uncashed Checks)

A warrant (check) will be stale-dated if not presented for payment within six (6) months of issuance date per Alameda County Treasurer’s policy and as stated on the check.  Oakland Unified School District will hold the stale warrants up to three (3) years from issuance date and publish the listing of such warrants available on this webpage.  The listing is updated every month after receiving the monthly stale warrants from the county office.  

In accordance with California Government Code sections 50050, 50551, and 50056, once three (3) years have elapsed since a warrant’s issuance date, the District will publish notice of unclaimed stale warrants in the local newspaper once per week for two successive weeks. If a claim is not made within 60 days after first notice is posted, the funds will become the property of the District.

Click on the link below to search the District’s listing of stale-dated warrants. If you believe that one of the listed warrants belongs to you, you must file a claim by completing the District’s claim form from the link below. You may file a claim at any time until the date on which the money becomes the property of the District. If the District’s review of the Claim Form indicates that you are entitled to the warrant, and the warrant was not previously reissued, the District will reissue it to you.

Search for your unclaimed check(s) and file a claim:

Stale Warrants Listing - updated monthly

Stale Warrant Claim Form

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