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Oakland Unified School District

Local Business Utilization

Policy Amendment

As of April 28, 2021, the OUSD LBU policy has been amended with the intent of expanding the number of eligible contractors by accepting Oakland-based firms who are currently certified by the following agencies: 

NOTE: Designation as a “small” business remains in alignment with the City of Oakland size standards. Firms seeking small business credit that are not certified by the City of Oakland must provide copies of their last three years of tax returns. If a firm’s average gross revenue over three years is above the City of Oakland size standard, that firm will only count towards the local business (LBE) requirement.  

Policy Requirements

There is a fifty percent (50%) LBU participation requirement on all District Capital Program construction contracts and construction related professional service agreements. The 50% mandatory requirement can be met with: 25% (or less) Local Business (LBE) participation and 25% (or more) Small Local or Small Local Resident Business (SLBE/SLRBE) participation. Bids that do not meet 50% LBU requirements are considered non-responsive, unless otherwise approved by the District.

All firms meeting 50% LBU participation with a maximum 25% Local Business Enterprise (LBE) and minimum 25% Small Local Business Enterprise (SLBE) or Small Local Resident Business Enterprise (SLRBE) will be considered responsive and receive a 2% bid discount.

How to Meet the Requirements

In addition to the 2% bid discount for the minimum 50% participation, firms with LBU participation of 60% - 80% will earn additional bid discounts. Please refer to the chart below for additional information.

Bid Responsiveness

Upon submittal, firm information will be reviewed and approved for responsiveness and bid discount/preference points.

OUSD Local Business Program Credit Chart 

Only firms operating in Oakland will be eligible for local business credit for OUSD.  Firms seeking SLBE/SLRBE credit that are not certified with the City of Oakland MUST complete the SLBE/SLRBE Supplemental E Request form. Otherwise, credit will be given per the chart below.