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Oakland Unified School District

Custodial Services Managerial Team

The Custodial Services managerial team is dedicated to establishing a uniformed method of service throughout the District that provides a clean and sanitary environment at all schools. Our objective is to assist site administrators with understanding core custodial functions while fostering a team-like quality work environment. In order to attain these goals, Custodial Services will:

  • Meet with administrators to evaluate custodial work.
  • Perform complete site inspection.
  • Establish custodial work schedules for the sites.
  • Approve, track and maintain custodial personal and vacation leave.
  • Assist Administrators with instructing custodians on various tasks.
  • Provide progressive discipline for problematic custodians.
  • Provide sites with substitute placements.
  • Routinely train custodians on the technical aspects of cleaning.
  • Promote team unity between the Administrators, custodians, parents, visitors and the Custodial Services Managerial team.
  • Require Head, Lead or Day Custodians to submit weekly restroom inspection forms.
  • Work together with the HRSS on the placement of custodial personnel.
  • Work with Labor Management Employee Relations and AFSCME Local 257 to ensure that employee contractual rights are protected.
  • Research and develop modern cleaning techniques and methods.