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Oakland Unified School District

Fire Extinguisher Procedure

The Task

Replenish the school site with a charged fire extinguisher.

District Guidelines

Fire extinguishers should be securely installed. They must be accessible at all times. Furniture and storage materials should not block access. Employees require training on building fire extinguisher locations.

Inspection, maintenance, and testing are required for fire extinguishers. They must be fully charged and in operable condition at all times; when they are removed for service, equivalent equipment must be provided. An annual maintenance check and recharge by a trained person are mandatory. The annual service and periodic testing must be documented on the fire extinguisher service tag.


  1. Custodial Services receives notification from the school sites or Lead/Head Custodians via this Google form, informing the department that a fire extinguisher(s) needs service or replacement.
  2. The Custodial Services request must identify the type of fire extinguisher service needed, i.e., expired and or missing, the extinguisher's location(s), and the quantity of extinguisher(s) required.
  3. Custodial Services reviews the above-listed information and contact Fire Protection Services to schedule a technician to service the site.  
  4. Fire Protection Services records all details above from Custodial Services and provides an estimated date (and time) of the technicians' arrival at the site.
  5. Custodial Services informs the site of the scheduled service date.
  6. Fire Protection Services informs Custodial Services when the service has been completed.