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Oakland Unified School District

Work & Service Requests

Work/Service Request Procedures

All work and service requests should be input through the B&G Work Order System (SchoolDude). If you have any additional questions or need assistance registering for SchoolDude, please contact the Customer Service & Support Center at (510) 535-2718 or email B&G Customer Service. For emergencies, please contact B&G Customer Service directly. 


Each service request is evaluated by our Customer Service & Support Center, and a priority is assigned to each request. There are four levels to which a work order can be assigned. The four levels and associated completion timelines are as follows:

  • Priority Level 1 - Emergency requests that pose a health & safety concern and require immediate attention. Same day response whenever possible or next business day, depending on nature of the problem and time received.
  • Priority Level 2 HIGH- Non-emergency requests that require immediate attention, but do not require same-day service. Requests to be completed within 2-4 or 5-7 business days.
  • Priority Level 3 MEDIUM - Requests of a general nature that do not pose an immediate threat to the safety of the facility or its occupants. Requests to be completed within 7-10 business days, no later than 30 days during peak seasons.
  • Priority Level 4 LOW - Improvement Services.
    • Improvement Services requests take precedence over existing facility small projects, additions, modifications and all other work requests not associated with a repair to the facility. This requires a submission of a Request for Improvement Services form.
    • All work orders assigned a level 4 priority will be reviewed on a case by case basis and discussed with the appropriate parties for items such as funding, feasibility and a timeline for completion.

Improvement Services Form

Request for Improvement Services forms are to be completed and submitted for installation of new equipment, playgrounds, fences, or any other non-maintenance related services. Upon receipt of your request, the total estimated cost will be faxed to the Site Administrator for approval. If you accept the proposal, set up a Purchase Order so work can be scheduled. Site Improvement forms must be faxed to B&G no later than April of the same FY.

Community Improvement Projects / Volunteer Activities

For volunteer/community improvement projects, please complete and submit the “Volunteer Facility Improvement Projects” form (which can be found under Facilities/B&G Maintenance Ops folder in School Operational Library). Sites cannot perform or allow anyone to perform any work at their sites without prior approval from Facilities/ B&G Administrators.

Escalation Protocol

If you are unable to resolve field-work orders through SchoolDude or through B&G Customer Service and need to escalate the request, please contact Mark Cavalli, B&G Coordinator, for assistance.

* If unable to resolve at through the protocols above, please contact Director Marc White for assistance.