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Oakland Unified School District

Functions & Responsibilities


First Alarm will be reporting all Alarm activity directly to the Buildings & Grounds Alarm Center. If you have alarm questions/concerns, please contact our Alarm Center at (510) 535-2718. Alarm Requests cannot be submitted through the work order system.

NOTE: False alarm fines due to activities of personnel at the school site will be the responsibility of the site to pay. Activities such as burning food, using fog machines, or leaving fans on that blow papers in the middle of the night will create false alarms. Buildings and Grounds will be responsible for paying false alarm fines due to equipment failure.

  • Reduce false alarms through proper arming/disarming of systems (see attached)
  • Establish a protocol for authorized access, all authorized personnel to have alarm codes and trained in their operation
  • Reduce after-hours access
  • All staff accountability for access


  • Lost or Stolen keys require payment of at least $25.00 per key (no exceptions)
  • Keying of locks due to lost/stolen keys will be charged to the site
  • Refer to Key Policy

Key Policy

Vandalism / Break-in / Graffiti

  • Report all break-in incidents to B&G Customer Service.
  • Place work orders online (SchoolDude) for vandalism/graffiti

Vegetation Policy/School Gardens

Outdoor classrooms/gardens must be approved by B&G. Sites with gardens must also have a designated Garden Liaison and maintain their own gardens at all times. Gardens that are not maintained may be removed by B&G.

Routine Maintenance Work

Only routine maintenance and certain repairs will be scheduled for completion.

  • Replacement of missing or damaged items on a like-for-like basis
  • Emergency repairs - Condition poses an immediate danger to the well being of the students and staff.

Request for Improvement Services

A Request for Improvement Services form must be submitted for approval when sites desire to have any new, non-routine work completed. 

“New work” can be described as the following:

  • New construction that did not exist before
  • Alterations to existing buildings / classrooms / playgrounds
  • Installation of new equipment
  • Additional power needs for new equipment
  • Modifications to existing heating/ventilation systems

Environmental Services

For environmental concerns, please submit a work order. Our staff will investigate the concern and Risk Management will be contacted for additional steps.