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Oakland Unified School District

CBOC Committee

OUSD Measures B, J and Y Independent Citizen Bond Oversight Committee (CBOC)

The Oakland Unified School District’s Measure B1, Measure J2, and Measure Y3 Independent Citizen Bond Oversight Committee (CBOC) is a state-mandated committee of local residents that oversees the approximately $735 million in school facilities bonds approved by voters. They are committed to maximizing the efficient and equitable use of these monies for Oakland public schools.   This bond money is used on constructing, renovating, and repairing school and district buildings, including things like building new facilities, creating new fields, upgrading science labs, building new Early Childhood Centers and student health centers, improving safety and security, repairing and constructing new bathrooms, improving energy efficiency, and making seismic upgrades.   For more information on the CBOC Committee, please visit the CBOC Committee District Board website.

Committee Bylaws

Legistrar Calendar

Committee Purpose

To provide advice and recommendations to the District regarding the expenditure of funds for bond-related projects, to actively review and report on the proper expenditure of taxpayers' money for school construction, and to take any necessary action in furtherance of its purpose, including, but not limited to, receiving and reviewing copies of annual independent financial audits and deferred maintenance proposals, inspecting school facilities and grounds, receiving and reviewing cost-saving measures designed to reduce the costs of professional fees and site preparation. The Committee shall have the option to tour sites where Bond funds are being expended, with support from the Superintendent.

CBOC Appointees, Members, and Liaisons

Andrea Dawson, Committee Chair

Andrew Butler, Committee Member

Andrew Nelsen, Committee Member

Sarah Price, Committee Secretary

Alexandra Park, Committee Member

Leslie Ayers, Committee Member

Valarie Bachelor, Board of Education Liaison

David Colbert, Staff Liaison

CBOC Annual Reports

2019-20 CBOC Annual Report

2018-19 CBOC Annual Report

2017-18 CBOC Annual Report

2016-17 CBOC Annual Report

2015-16 CBOC Annual Report

2014-15 CBOC Annual Report

2013-14 CBOC Annual Report

2012-13 CBOC Annual Report

2011-12 CBOC Annual Report

2010-11 CBOC Annual Report

2009-10 CBOC Annual Report

2008-09 CBOC Annual Report

Facilities Master Plan

The Facilities Master Plan is the District’s strategic plan to optimize our facilities to best support our students.  The plan outlines the current conditions of all the facilities that OUSD owns and is used to effectively plan allocations of future capital funds to ensure that our educational offerings are supported with facilities with improved conditions.   The Facilities Master Plan has been informed by previous initiatives, including the Blueprint for Quality Schools, the City Wide Plan, and the 2012 Facilities Master Plan. Learn more about it here.


For additional information, please contact David Colbert, Director of Facilities-Construction, at


  1. Measure B: To repair and modernize elementary, middle, and high schools and pre-schools, including renovating classrooms, restrooms, and other facilities to meet current safety standard, and repairing electrical, plumbing, and other building systems; and to build libraries, classroom, and science and computer labs, shall OUSD issue $435 million in bonds at interest rates within the legal limit and establish a Citizens' Oversight Committee to monitor expenditures, with no money for administrator salaries.
  2. Measure J:To improve the quality of Oakland schools and school facilities to better prepare students for college and jobs, to upgrade science labs, classrooms, computers, and technology, improve student safety and security, repair bathrooms, electrical systems, plumbing, and sewer lines, improve energy efficiency and earthquake safety, shall the Oakland Unified School District be authorized to issue $475 million in bonds with an independent citizens oversight committee and annual audits to guarantee funds are spent properly to benefit Oakland children.
  3. Measure Y: $735 million in bonds for classroom repair and school safety improvements including upgrading classrooms, science labs, and technology; improving student safety and security; repairing bathrooms, electrical systems, and plumbing/sewers; and improving energy efficiency/earthquake safety at legal rates, levying about $60 per $100,000 of assessed value, raising an average of $48.5 million annually for approximately 30 years with citizens’ oversight, annual audits, and no money for administrator salaries be adopted.