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Oakland Unified School District

Targeted Initiatives

The Office of Equity will address historic inequity with a continued focus on Narrative Change and data-driven and data-responsive targeted initiatives led by our Directors. With the Office of Equity’s experience in marketing and communications, the team will lift up powerful stories and positive narratives that show the exemplary work of students, teachers, classified staff, administrators, and parents.

Targeted Initiatives:

The newly-expanded Office of Equity energizes, inspires, and empowers staff at all levels of the district as well as students, parents, and community to join in interrupting inequity, examining biases, and creating inclusive and just conditions for all. The Office of Equity is focused on developing initiatives that address systemic inequity that is associated with race, gender, and class; and directly supporting improved outcomes for groups of students that have historically been underserved by our school system.

In 2017, the Office of Equity united with the Student, Family, and Community Engagement Department, bringing an intentional and explicit focus on African American, Asian Pacific Islander, and Latinx youth and families. With an equity mindset, orientation, and approach, the Department of Student, Family, and Community Engagement will continue developing full service community schools, while deepening equity efforts across the District.

While local data confirm that we have a long way to go to institutionally operationalize preparing all students for college, career, and community success, national data sustains that structural inequity persists as the biggest barrier for students who have historically been furthest away from opportunity—African American, Asian Pacific Islander, and Latino/a students.

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Thank you for supporting the Office of Equity. Your contribution is fully tax-deductible through our fiscal sponsor, the Oakland Public Education Fund, and can be applied to our general fund, or to one of our targeted initiatives.