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Oakland Unified School District

Spring 2023 Summit

By request from educators, the January 3rd Racial Justice, Equity and Healing Virtual Summit "UPLIFTING Student & Family WISDOM" offers sessions all led by OUSD student leaders, family leaders and community leaders who have prioritized what they want our OUSD educators to know and build skills in.  As part of our work to implement deep listening, growth mindset, and transforming relationships of power, we want to put our students, families and communities back at the center of our professional learning.

This summit is designed to challenge our internalized adultism, racism, and classism that dismisses voices who should be at the center and tables of decision-making in our school district.

As we continue to build our Community Schools site plans, strengthen meaningful School Site Council representation, and build real partnerships with family and student leaders to co-construct our schools, we invite educators to listen and learn with leaders in our district who are asking our staff to be visionary, transformative and in partnership with them to re-imagine new ways of schooling, learning and youth development.

Workshops 1

Becoming Adult Allies, Understanding Adultism & Honoring Student Voice

Facilitators: All City Council Student Union Leaders: President - Vida Mendoza, LCAP Director - Anevay Cruz, and Media Director - Lauren McDaniels & Citlali Espinoza, Office of Equity

Participant Level & Audience: Emerging & Developing Educators and Community Partners

Participants will be able to:

  • Define and identify adultist practices.
  • Understand the OUSD Meaningful Student Engagement Standards and the importance of implementing these standards to build strong and meaningful youth-adult partnership in supporting student learning and school/classroom culture & climate.
  • Identify best practices to honor student voices and create authentic partnerships between youth and adults.

For Teachers, From Students: We Need _____ to Thrive at School.

Facilitators: Reparations for Black Students Organizing Fellows: Sarwieh Tarpeh, Ramauri Cash Hamilton, Jordan Smith, Tonica Coulter, Ty’Jeare Hunter   Participant Level & Audience: Developing & Practicing Educators    

Participants will be able to: 

  • Consider the importance of shared-decision making in a classroom setting.
  • Incorporate student-identified best practices to enhance classroom culture. 
  • Discuss the benefits of student-centered learning models that capture the emotional, mental, physical and academic wellness of students.

Effective Communication Practices with Families

Parent Facilitators: Adriana Corona, Marina Munoz, Max Orozco, Meisha Booker, Monica Armstrong, Rita Reyes, Tiffany Fields [ Bay Area Parent Leadership Action Network Staff Support: Alexia Maciel, Che Phinnessee, Eleazar Cuenca ]   Participant Level & Audience: Developing & Practicing Teachers  

Participants will be able to: 

  • Better understand how families feel when communicating with teachers.
  • Develop strategies that strengthen the family-teacher partnership.
  • Become a more effective teacher and communicator.
Workshops 2

The Unconference: Wisdom Exchange with Families

Parent Facilitators: Adriana Corona, Marina Munoz, Max Orozco, Meisha Booker, Monica Armstrong, Rita Reyes, Tiffany Fields  [ Bay Area Parent Leadership Action Network Staff Support: Alexia Maciel, Che Phinnessee, Eleazar Cuenca ]   Participant Level & Audience: Open to all levels & roles  

Participants will be able to: 

  • Engage in lively talk-story with families around the issues that impact teacher-family relationships.

  • Identify practices that can restore teacher-family partnership.

Building Student Power: CFJ’s Student Voice Continuum 

Student Facilitators: Blue Lopez, Akayla Matthews, Larissa Morales   Participant Level & Audience: Developing for all roles  

Purpose: To provide a student voice framework for attendees, and for those attendees to reflect how they can integrate Californians for Justice's student framework into decision-making in their classrooms & schools.

Participants will be able to:

  • Reflect on your own beliefs of student voice.

  • Learn and understand Californians for Justice's student voice framework.

  • Learn framework best practices and reflect on how to bring them back to your own work.

Building Community In & Out of the Classroom with BAY-Peace

Youth Facilitators: Bria, Cin, Sam, Juli - BAY-Peace: Better Alternatives for Youth   Participant Level & Audience: Practicing for Educators  

Participants will be able to: 

  • Learn different community building activities for educators to implement in their own classrooms, to create a greater sense of community between educators and students. These activities can be modified for in-person and virtual!

BAY-Peace offers holistic youth leadership programs where we empower Bay Area youth to transform and heal from militarism, systemic violence and intergenerational trauma. 

Thank you to Bay Area PLAN: Parent Leadership Action Network, BAY-Peace, OUSD All City Council, and Californians for Justice for partnering to co-create this summit!

For 10-month staff who are not within paid working hours on this day:

SEIU & AFSCME Members who are 10-month staff can check in with their Supervisor to see if they are eligible to submit an extra time form online if these times fall beyond contract hours:

  • Please list Raquel Jimenez - Office of Equity Executive Director as the approver / supervisor.
  • You will be compensated at your Extra Time rate.
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