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Oakland Unified School District

Equity Champion Cohorts

The purpose of OUSD’s Equity Champion model is to build the capacity of your site team to deepen their understanding of race and equity, and build their collective will, skill, knowledge, and capacity, in their respective roles as educators, support staff, family leaders, or community partners, to interrupt deficit-based language and thinking, and lead with empowering narratives, and culturally responsive, asset-based practices to support a school culture of belonging for all.

Overview of what it means to be an Equity Champion school in partnership with the Office of Equity

Family Flyer

Family Leadership Courageous Equity Learning Sessions

SpearitWurx and OUSD’s Office of Equity invite family leaders who are engaged in and leading equity work at OUSD schools to join us for 4 sessions of connecting, building shared language, frameworks and tools, and moving courageous equity work and constructive conversations to dismantle internalized, interpersonal and institutional racism in our district forward together.

We ask that family leaders join us for all 4 sessions ideally to build across sessions, but also understand that families are holding a lot this year, so invite as much participation as possible.  Families have requested both daytime and after-work session times, so we know not everyone has flexible schedules, but hope advance scheduling will help ensure your optimal participation. 

Wellness Kits will be provided for all attendees.

Register to participate

Información en Español (Spanish)

家庭領袖平等環節 (Chinese)

Các Buổi Huấn Luyện Cho Phụ Huynh/Người Giám Hộ Lãnh Đạo Công Bằng (Vietnamese)

វគ្គបណ្ដុះបណ្ដាលសមធម៌សម្រាប់ភាពជាអ្នកដឹកនាំក្រុមគ្រួសារ (Khmer/Cambodian)

دورات إنصاف القیادات الأسریة (Arabic)

Please let us know if you need this information translated into other languages!  And request that language access requests be made as soon as possible to arrange interpreters to be present.

Session Schedule:

  • Thursday, February 24th, 12:30-3pm @ SpearitWurx > Sharing our stories: Who are we?
  • Monday, March 14th, 5:00-7:30pm on ZOOM > How do we relate to each other in transformative ways?
  • Thursday, March 31st, 12:30-3pm on ZOOM > Holding & moving courageous space 
  • Monday, April 11th, 5:00-7:30pm @ Oakland Park IN-PERSON > Sustaining our growth & work together


Courageous Conversation Flyer


As a partnership between the Office of Equity and the Pacific Education Group, we are launching our 2nd cohort of Courageous Conversation training for school sites to take another step toward becoming Equity Champion schools.

The purpose of building a site team is to deepen our understanding of race and equity, and build collective will, skill, knowledge, and capacity, in our respective roles as educators, support staff, family leaders, or community partners to interrupt deficit-based language and thinking, and lead with empowering narratives, and culturally responsive, asset-based practices.  

In doing this, we can all become champions for equity working together across roles & sites to transform our schools and district toward equitable outcomes for all students.  Equity Champion Schools will receive support from the Racial Justice Taskforce and Office of Equity to implement multiple layers as follow-up steps based on your site needs and capacity, including: 

  • Core Racial Justice Learning Workshops
  • Group Book Study, Educator Self-Reflection & Affinity Groups
  • Culturally Responsive Curriculum & Ethnic Studies Support
  • Support to Engage & Empower Family & Student Leaders in Equity Work
  • Wrap-Around Programs & Supports for Targeted Student Groups

The time commitment for Courageous Conversation training entails:

  • 4 Sessions of Virtual Courageous Conversation: The Experience (6-10 site teams of at least 5-10 people, plus some central office leaders)
  • 3 Sessions with Leadership Team (principals and central office staff only)
  • 3 Sessions with Teacher Leaders (teachers only)
  • 4 Sessions with Family Leaders
  • 4 Coaching Sessions (principals)

Here are articles that are good primers for participants to read beforehand:

We would also like to include student leaders as part of Equity Champion Teams at school sites that have structures to support student engagement in equity and antiracism learning.  Please let us know if you have student leaders who would be ready to participate in this work, and we can set-up youth-friendly sessions to complement and integrate this work.

Cohort 2 Session Dates:

  • Wednesday, January 19th 3:30-6pm > Whole Group Launch
  • Thursday, January 20th 3:30-6pm > Whole Group Launch
  • Friday, January 21st 3:30-6pm > Whole Group Launch
  • Thursday, January 27th 4:30-5:30pm > Leadership Coaching Session #1
  • Wednesday, February 9th 3:30-6pm > Principals & Central Office
  • Thursday, February 24th 12:30-3pm > Family Leaders
  • Thursday, February 24th 3:30-6pm > Teachers
  • Thursday, March 3rd 3:30-4:30pm > Leadership Coaching Session #2
  • Thursday, March 10th 3:30-6pm > Principals & Central Office
  • Monday, March 14th 5:00-7:30pm > Family Leaders
  • Thursday, March 17th 3:30-6pm > Teachers
  • Thursday, March 31st 12:30-3pm > Family Leaders
  • Thursday, March 31st  3:30-4:30pm > Leadership Coaching Session #3
  • Monday, April 11th 5:00-7:30pm > Family Leaders
  • Thursday, April 14th 3:30-6pm > Principals & Central Office
  • Thursday, April 21st 3:30-6pm > Teachers
  • Wednesday, April 27th 3:30-6pm > Whole Group Check-In
  • Wednesday, May 4th 3:30-4:30pm > Leadership Coaching Session #4

COHORT 1 School Sites:

  1. Dewey 
  2. McClymonds 
  3. Redwood Heights
  4. Castlemont
  5. Bunche 
  6. Brookfield
  7. REACH
  8. Highland Child Development

COHORT 2 School Sites:

  1. Cleveland
  2. Think College Now
  3. Emerson
  4. Horace Mann
  5. Bella Vista
  6. Grass Valley
  7. Crocker Highlands

Compensation: Staff will be paid for their in-service/overtime hours!  Staff should fill out sign-in & timesheets by March 15th & June 1st for processing to Payroll.