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Oakland Unified School District

26th Annual Peer Resource & Ethnic Studies Conference

The 26th Annual Middle School Peer Resource & Ethnic Studies Conference supports the continued development of school-linked services through the use of Peer Resources.

Our student participants get to learn and experience cultural performances, speakers, community and school resources, and workshops led by some of our amazing community organizations and OUSD departments. Year after year, we are proud to have youth lead majority of our conference workshops and restorative justice circles. Last year over 80% of our workshops were led by youth and 90% of the restorative justice circles were led by middle school RJ peer youth leaders.

Peer Resources refers to any program that trains youth to work with and/or help other youth. Peer Resource Programs are known as: Conflict Management, Peer Education, Violence Prevention, Buddy Programs, Peer Tutoring, and many more. Workshops are designed for youth.

This conference is planned and led by our Middle School ACC delegates to empower middle school students to lead with adults.

"The idea is to be able to take something away from this conference and go out into your own community and do something. I feel like it's really effective when you get inspiration from other people you hear here, and then you take that back to your school and community and you implement it."
- Ivan Garcia, Melrose Leadership, 2017