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Oakland Unified School District

All City Council Student Union

About All City Council

All-City Council (ACC) seeks to create positive change in our schools. We amplify student voice by serving as a bridge between adult decision-makers and the student body. We are a diverse team of student leaders who represent or are elected by the masses of students at our schools.

ACC organizes campaigns and activities to serve the assessed needs of our constituents, including addressing internalized, interpersonal, and institutional oppression in our daily lives and the daily functioning of our schools and working towards solutions. Through our work, we aim to create opportunities for engaging students on issues that affect them most whether it is directly at the school sites or at the district level.


More information about special elections here.

All City Council Student Union Logo. A, C, C is written and there is a design of protesters and a tree at the center.

ACC Upcoming Events

2023-24 School Year

All City Council Youth Action Summit & Retreat - April 19-20th

All City Council's Spring Youth Action summit & Retreat is a great opportunity for OUSD high school students to inform our district about what their biggest priorities are. Through this retreat, we hope to build community with student leaders across Oakland, provide leadership training for students, inform the All City Council Governing Board's efforts for the upcoming school year, and elect the 2024-25 ACC Governing Board.

For more information reach out to your OUSD high school's leadership advisor or

Governing Board 

All City Council Governing Board Member Positions 


The president of the All-City Council shall be the officially recognized spokesperson for all policies and actions of All-City Council. Also the president shall chair All-City Council general and other meetings. The president has the power to break ties of simple majority votes among Delegates.

Vice President

The vice president shall function with the powers and responsibilities of the president in the president’s absence. When the president is present, the vice president shall coordinate and oversee all ACC committee work.


​The secretary shall ensure that the minutes and notices of each meeting are delivered to the adult sponsor for ACC as well as OUSD’s district wide student publication for immediate distribution, along with other All-City Council papers and information (i.e., the roster of the student body officers of all Oakland high schools for each semester). The secretary shall keep an accurate file and history of All-City Council meetings so that rapid and easy reference may be made to previous actions of the council. The secretary shall take minutes and read the previous minutes at each meeting.

Culture & Climate Director

They shall advise the chairperson on any points of parliamentary law or by-laws. All action shall be guided by Robert’s Rules of Order, Revised. They shall be the point person for mediating all conflicts between Delegates, Governing Board members and other ACC affiliated persons. They shall be trained in restorative justice and be culture keeper within ACC.

Media Director

​The media director shall be in charge of all advertising of ACC including student website and OUSD district-wide student publication, scheduling outreach and class announcement at various schools, and coordination of outreach and recruitment of ACC members.


​The historian is responsible for maintaining records of ACC activities including taking pictures and filing accurate records of ACC events. The historian also shall ensure that the ACC body is keeping to the original vision and mission of ACC. If a member wants to impeach the ACC president, the member must bring the impeachment to the historian to begin the impeachment process.

Health & Wellness Director

​Responsible in organizing nutrition and wellness meetings at school sites to meet about nutrition and wellness issues on campus. Organizer is responsible for holding the district accountable in engaging students in wellness positions.

LCAP Student Director

(2 positions) - ​LCAP Student Director will sit on the Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP) Parent Student Advisory Committee (PSAC) and will have a critical say in where money in their schools and in Oakland will be spent. The LCAP Student Directors will help ACC go over budget information and make informed decisions around OUSD’s budget. The LCAP Student Directors will be responsible for holding the LCAP student advisory committee accountable to their commitment and to their peers. This representative will report back to us what happens in the LCAP meetings to the Governing Board.

  • Read more about what the LCAP (Local Control Accountability Plan) is and what that committee does.
  • Here's a helpful infographic flyer overviewing why the LCAP is important!

Student Director

(2 positions) on the Board of Education: The representatives shall attend all Board of Education meetings. The student directors must make a report at each All-City Council meeting. The student directors must adhere to the following procedures:

  • Share and coordinate responsibilities with each other.
  • Be on time to Board of Education meetings.
  • Go on record representing ACC and soliciting ACC feedback on specific issues.
  • Have knowledge of Robert’s Rules of Order.
  • Should be briefed by the All-City Council but may report on activities of individual schools.
  • Should feel free to speak at Board meetings upon being recognized by the chairperson of the Board.
  • Ensure that the All-City Council receives a full accounting of all actions and proceedings that take place at each Board meeting.