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About Us

In 2010, Chris Chatmon co-founded Oakland Unified School District's African American Male Achievement Initiative (AAMA) to address the marginalization of African American male students and provide targeted supports to uplift achievement and graduation rates, and, in turn, positively impact the perception of these particular students across the district.

Over the past ten years, AAMA and other programs supporting African American females, Latinx students, and Asian and Pacific Islander students have achieved nationwide recognition as a replicable model for institutionalizing student and parent efficacy and dismantling barriers to achievement. As Executive Director, Raquel Jimenez now leads implementation of the District’s Equity Policy and efforts to help the district better initiate and align efforts to educate African American, Latino, English Language Learner, Newcomers, LGBTQ and Disabled Students.

At OUSD, equity means providing each student with the academic, social and emotional supports they need to prepare for college, career, or community success in the future. Equity-based programs recognize that every student brings a valuable and unique perspective to school. Our district not only celebrates diversity as an asset, but also dedicates human and financial resources to expanding programs that successfully improve outcomes for groups of learners most often denied opportunities.

The equity framework is embedded in everything from hiring and budgeting to aligning instructional approaches to ensure rigorous standards are met. We use an equity lens when analyzing student outcomes, developing professional learning experiences, and reviewing financial allocations.

Founded in 2016, the Office of Equity is charged with helping ALL students graduate ready for college, career, and community success with programs designed to:

  • eliminate the correlation between social and cultural factors and probability of success;
  • examine biases, interrupt and eliminate inequitable practices, and create inclusive and just conditions for all students; and
  • discover and cultivate the unique gifts, talents, and interests that every student possesses.

We invite you to read the OUSD Office of Equity 2017-2018 Year-End Report that highlights the work of African American Female Excellence, African American Male Achievement, Latino/a Student Achievement, Asian Pacific Islander Student Achievement, OUSD LGBTQ Programs, and Meaningful Family Engagement. 

Access the full report

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Frick United Academy of Language
2845 64th Avenue
Music Building
Oakland, CA 94605

Phone: (510) 879-2938



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