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Oakland Unified School District

Safety Transfers

Parents/guardians may request to transfer their child due to verified safety concerns that are approved by the Network Superintendent at the child’s current school (see link here: network superintendent).

Below are the required steps for a safety transfer:

  • If the parent/guardian has a police report: Reach out to your school’s network superintendent. Within 5 days, someone from the Network Superintendent’s team will reach out to you to discuss the process.
  • If the parent/guardian does not have a police report: Parent/guardian should meet with their child's current principal about their safety concerns to develop an intervention plan. If the intervention plan is not successful and the principal and parent mutually agree a safety transfer would be best, an administrator at the school should reach out to the Network Superintendent’s office to discuss a potential Safety Transfer.

Any Safety Transfer must have appropriate documentation that supports the reason. Documentation may include a COST referral form, bullying report, or police report.

If a Safety Transfer is approved by the Network Superintendent, the student will be transferred to a school with space/program availability. Placement at a specific school of interest to the parent/guardian is not guaranteed.