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Oakland Unified School District

Sojourner Truth Independent Study

The Sojourner Truth Independent Study program is now available to serve families that want a Distance Learning approach to TK-12 instruction.The traditional Independent Study Program (Ed. Code 51747) was updated on July 5, 2021 through the California Legislature and is described within Assembly Bill 130.

Implementing these new guidelines requires an update to our existing Independent Study Program. Essentially, the update broadens the mode of instruction to include distance learning through on-line live synchronous instruction. Additional changes to our existing program include:

  • Prior to enrolling in the Sojourner Truth Independent Study program, a parent/guardian has the right to request an optional pupil-parent-educator conference meeting;
  • The Written Agreement which details the assignments for students has also been updated to reflect Assembly Bill 130;
  • A weekly due date for assignments for all Tk-12 grade students;
  • Mandatory steps, described as Tiered Reengagement, for when a student is not completing assignments, performing at grade-level, or participating during on-line live instruction; and
  • Electronic record keeping of assignments similar to this past year during distance learning.

To enroll in the Sojourner Truth Independent Study program, you can submit an application at Please choose the "Sojourner Truth Independent Study/Distance Learning" school for your application. If you need help with your application, please contact the Student Welcome Center (email or call/text (510) 879-4600).

If you would like to disenroll from the Sojourner Truth Independent Study Program, you may contact the Student Welcome Center (email or call/text (510) 879-4600) and be granted a transfer to in-person learning within 5 business days. Please note that when you request to re enroll in in-person learning, your child will be provided a space at schools where enrollment is available.