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Oakland Unified School District

English Language Arts (ELA)


All OUSD students demonstrate the capacities of literate individuals, identify as readers and writers, and engage in reading and shaping the world around them.

The capacities of literate individuals (taken from Common Core guidance) are:

  • They demonstrate independence.
  • They build strong content knowledge.
  • They respond to varying demands of audience, task, purpose, and discipline.
  • They comprehend as well as critique.
  • They value evidence.
  • They use technology and digital media strategically and capably.
  • They come to understand other perspectives and cultures.

In addition, all OUSD teachers are supported to collaboratively master standards of both instruction and content. Teachers are thoughtful, strategic consumers of shared curriculum and other materials, holding students' outcomes in mind as they make decisions to support a range of readers, writers, and speakers. 


  1. Support academic discussion, close reading of complex texts, and evidence-based writing through the use of adopted, standards-based, Tier 1 curriculum.
  2. Collaboratively gather non-evaluative, formative instructional practice data with site leaders (principals, coaches, teacher leaders) in order to support strategic decisions about coaching and feedback, Professional Learning Communities, and professional development.

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