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    The OUSD Dual Enrollment (DE) Program is open to all 9th-12th grade students at OUSD High Schools. 
    The college courses are Peralta College courses offered at the high school site (or virtually), typically during the school day, with Peralta College instructors.  Students receive both high school and college credit, and courses are completely free to students--students do not pay tuition/fees, books, supplies, or any costs associated with the college course.  In passing the DE course, students receive a GPA boost on their OUSD transcript.  With college costs at both public and private colleges across the nation reaching all time highs and the student loan debt crisis, Dual Enrollment is particularly important for students and families to save their time and money.



    In Fall 2015, the Oakland Unified School District and Peralta Community College District, through the support of the Measure N initiative, launched a historic partnership to provide college courses to high school students at no cost. Since then, more than 6,000 students in OUSD have taken free college courses through Dual Enrollment that have saved OUSD families college costs totaling over $30 million. Today, over 1000 students participate each semester in Dual Enrollment courses with an average of 82% of students passing their college courses with a C or higher.

    Click here to access OUSD's Dual Enrollment Website!
    The DE website is updated often and the best resource to learn more about Dual Enrollment in OUSD. It contains information including DE data to flyers, enrollment steps to support resources, + more!
    Please note, the DE website requires an @ousd.org account to access.




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    Dual Enrollment Team 

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    Leslie Hsu Freeman

    Manager - Dual Enrollment
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    Fatima Ghatala

    Specialist - Dual Enrollment