• This year at Hoover for parent education our main focus is on APTT (Academic Parent Teacher Teams). This happens through meetings between teachers and all the class parents, where they go over the class and individual student's data, so parents can be the most aware and and prepared to support their child. Parents also learn games and activities to do with their students to improve their scores.
    Another program we are implementing this year at Hoover is Living Tree.
    Living Tree is Key at Hoover Elementary School. It will help build bridges between parents and teachers and vise versa. The mutual communication between both parents and teachers is fundamental to students’ achievement in academic and behavioral and also socio-emotional. Parents are so glad they are able to communicate with their teachers in their own languages. Living Tree is going to help support parents how to communicate better with teachers. Lastly, parents and teachers have a unique chance to share wonderful classrooms experiences by posting pictures of what is going on in the classrooms. 
Last Modified on December 21, 2016