Our Mission

    The mission of Hillcrest School is to provide an enriched learning environment that challenges the potential of all its students.

    Our Philosophy 

    The philosophy of Hillcrest School is to work as a community of teachers, staff, parents and students to provide all students with a firm foundation in academic skills and an appreciation of lifelong learning. The school will endeavor to create a safe and rich educational environment for our students and a supportive and rewarding professional environment for our staff.

    Our Goals

    As part of our goals, we believe it is important to promote and nurture the following in our community:
    • Positive inter-personal relationships
    • Positive self-esteem
    • Critical thinking
    • Creative expression
    • A sense of community responsibility
    • Collaborative teaching initiatives
    • Collaborative learning
    • Team building
    • Commitment to assessments and improvement processes
    Our school will establish and maintain high academic standards for our students.

    Our school will establish and maintain a supportive environment that fosters staff development, maintains high professional standards and celebrates achievement.

    Our school will provide for programs that support balanced and deep learning experiences for our community.

    Our school will make the best use of our unique facilities, professional staff expertise and community resources to enhance the learning environment for our students.

    Our school will establish and maintain a tradition of community responsibility.

    Our school will foster an environment of tolerance, inclusion and appreciation of diversity where all individuals and individual needs are respected in tandem with the nurturing of emotional and social well being.

    Our school community will develop and strengthen processes for open and cooperative communication.