For decades, we were one school serving over 900 students from Kindergarten to sixth grade. Generations of families attended this neighborhood school. In the early 2000s, during the small school movement in Oakland, Lockwood became two schools- Futures Elementary School and Community United elementary School (CUES). Community United Elementary School explored a dual language instruction model, while Futures Elementary continued to offer full English instruction. 

    After years of being apart, in 2016, Futures and CUES became part of the District's first cohort of schools included in the Blueprint Plan for Quality Schools. As part of the Blueprint Plan, Futures and CUeS were to begin a process of merging back into one large elementary school. For us,it made sense: we shared staff, families, and resources. Additionally, both Futures and CUeS were awarded a 5-year School Improvement Grant (SIG), which provided the resources to research and innovate our instructional programs so that we could grow student engagement and academic achievement.
    Since 2016, our school and the greater Lockwood community have worked to design a school that listens to students, builds their confidence and encourages them to find joy in learning. We are proud to introduce ourselves as Lockwood STEAM Academy. 




    Our diverse student body is 67% Latino, 23% African-American, 6% Asian/Pacific Islander, and 4% are from a variety of other backgrounds. 56% of our students  are English-language Learners.

    A Lockwood STEAM Academy scholar

    Knowledge, Skills and Disposition: what we know, what we do, where we're going

    • An effective communicator
    • A Personal Leader
    • A resilient lifelong learner
    • tech-literate
    • Community and Global Contributer
    • Core skills for the 21st century


    Points of Pride
    • 21st century STEAM Program
    • Robust student council
    • Home languages: Arabic, Farsi, Hindi, Khmer, Lao, Pasto, Mam, Spanish
    • Highest growth schools 2018-2019
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