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    Lead Agency Expectations

  • This page will provide Lead Agencies with information about expectations for running programs in Oakland, an example of a Memorandum of Understanding and resources for community partnerships.

  • Any lead agency who wishes to partner with Oakland Unified School District will need to meet the following expectations:


      • Hire, supervise, train and support program staff and leaders
      • Ensure program meets compliance requirements set forth by OUSD and the CA Department of Education
      • Participate in the After-School Program Office RFQ (Request for Qualifications) process and earn an approval status
      • Manage grant funds contracted to the agency; leverage additional grant dollars and in-kind resources
      • Develop program plans in collaboration with school leaders; align services to school goals and priorities
      • Ensure that program reflects youth development quality standards
      • Recruit and retain students to reach attendance targets and achieve youth outcomes
      • Participate in the OUSD evaluation project; engage in ongoing continuous quality improvement
      • Become an integral partner in the school community; support OUSD’s community schools model
      • Coordinate and collaborate with other organizations to meet students’ and families’ needs
      • Partner with the OUSD Expanded Learning Office on district initiatives, sustainability efforts, and quality improvement system-building work


    All lead agencies are also expected to comply with all elements in our Memorandum of Understanding and turn in all required deliverables on time. Please see the following Template MOUs'.

  • Additionally, all lead agencies are responsible for managing their own subcontractors and ensuring they have been approved through our Partnerships platform. OUSD's Community Partnership office has a list of approved partners available on this page if you would like to work with an already approved organization. If you have another organization not on this list you intend to work with, please contact our Community Partnerships Manager, Martin Young at martin.young@ousd.org or (510) 879-2928 .

MOU Templates

  • High School MOU 2018-19


    Elementary and Middle School MOU 2018-19