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    Information for Principals

  • Please refer to this page if you are a Principal/Site Administrator and need clarification around your partnership with your after-school program lead agency or the grant requirements for your school. The After-School Programs Office supports schools and lead agencies to provide high quality programming. This includes any support the After-School Program Office can provide to Principal/Site Administrators.
    Below are some quick links to help you navigate some of the information you might need to collaborate with your site coordinator in order to aid in school day/after-school alignment.

  • Program Planning
  • Lead Agency Expectations
  • Field Trips In After School
  • Quality Support Coach

Grant & Fiscal Management

  • Information about available funding and the requirements tied to each grant.

Youth Development Standards

  • At-a-glance document outlines the quality standards all after-school programs strive for.

Program Fees

  • CDE Policy on program fees

  • Request for Qualification (RFQ)

    Our Requests for Qualifications process was completed in 2018, our next round for lead agencies to qualify will be held in 2022. The Department of Expanded Learning presents 2019-2022 approved list of after school lead agencies to all Site Administrators. In 2018, each lead agency went through our Request For Qualifications (RFQ) process and has been awarded a “Highly Recommended” or “Conditionally Recommended” status based on their application. All Lead Agencies have a "Highly Recommended Status." 

  • The Transition Guidelines below are provided to those school sites looking to change lead agencies or your current agency is choosing to transition from the site. First think critically about whether your community is ready for this transition. If after reviewing the Transition Guidelines you still would like to transition to a new agency, please fill out the Transition Form. Please share it with priscilla.parchia@ousd.org The next transition period will be in 2022.

Is Our Community Ready to Transition?

Guidelines for Vetting a New Agency

Partnership Transition Guidelines