• To increase opportunities for students to safely eat outdoors, OUSD invested in new tables and shade for schools. Some principals requested temporary folding picnic tables, while others opted for heavier, more permanent outdoor furniture. A few indicated their schools did not need new outdoor seating. As soon as possible after delivery, OUSD Buildings and Grounds crews and/or community volunteers install the new furniture. Due to supply chain delays, we are waiting for some of what we ordered. We update this page periodically as more sites receive their new outdoor seating.

    Posts are organized with the most recent installations at the top. At the bottom of the page is a document that shows delivery and installation status for the remaining schools. 

Westlake Middle School (6-8)

Sequoia Elementary School (TK-5)

  • On May 10, 2022, the Sequoia Squirrels received their permanent outdoor seating. The green furniture blends beautifully with the natural setting of the campus.

Sequoia Elementary outdoor tables

Cleveland Elementary (K-5)

  • Cleveland's new tables sit right outside the cafeteria at the school's main entrance. Assembled May 10, 2022, Principal Van Tassel was thrilled that the new arrangement expanded the number of outdoor seats available for students.

Cleveland Outdoor Tables

Street Academy (9-12 Alternative High School)

  • The outdoor space at Street Academy is like a big backyard with a soccer field. These new outdoor tables and umbrellas, installed on May 6, 2022, provided much-needed comfortable outdoor seating for the high school students.

Street Academy outdoor tables

Claremont Middle School (6-8)

  • Claremont Middle School students got their tables on December 21, 2021 and started using them right away. Things improved further on April 29, 2022, when the Claremont Knights got new umbrellas in bright orange, one of their school colors.

Claremont Middle School outdoor tables

United Nations CDC (Preschool)

  • The new tables built at United Nations CDC on April 29, 2022 are peppered throughout their outdoor space. They serve dual purposes for eating meals and learning outside.

United Nations CDC outdoor tables

Bella Vista CDC (Preschool)

  • This preschool located in the Ivy Hill neighborhood of Oakland got its new tables and a couple of umbrellas on March 31, 2022. They are adjacent to some tables the school had already, which expanded their capacity for outdoor dining.

Bella Vista CDC outdoor tables

Arroyo Viejo CDC (Preschool)

  • Buildings and Grounds assembled new tables for the preschoolers at Arroyo Viejo on March 31, 2022. Natural shade in this location helps make it a great place for the kids to eat meals outdoors!

Arroyo Viejo CDC outdoor tables

Manzanita SEED (TK-5)

  • Manzanita SEED now has a whole new outdoor dining space. As the students were about to head out for Spring Break, a Buildings and Grounds crew came on March 31, 2022 to assemble these beautiful tables.

Manzanita SEED outdoor tables

Brookfield Elementary (K-5)

  • Brookfield Elementary school received its new tables and umbrellas on March 25, 2022. Some are in these beautiful spaces with garden boxes. What a lovely place to dine outdoors!

Brookfield Elementary outdoor tables

Coliseum College Prep Academy (6-12)

  • Getting tables to CCPA was a challenge, with the delivery company continuously delaying delivery. Eventually, the stars aligned, and Buildings and Grounds assembled them on March 25, 2022. A thrilled assistant principal, Fabiana Ahumada exclaimed, "The tables look amazing...I look forward to seeing kids using them next week!"

CCPA outdoor tables

Lockwood STEAM Academy (TK-5)

  • Buildings and Grounds started their day on Friday, March 25, 2022 at Lockwood STEAM Academy in East Oakland. Principal Nehseem Ratchford and her staff were so excited to see the finished product and know the students will love this outdoor dining space right outside their cafeteria.

Lockwood  STEAM outdoor tables

Emerson CDC (Preschool)

  • Emerson CDC sits on the broader Emerson Elementary School campus. Their new outdoor tables, built Thursday, March 24, 2022, provide extra seating for the preschoolers enrolled there.

emerson cdc

Martin Luther King, Jr. Elementary (TK-5)

  • On March 24, 2022, Martin Luther King, Jr. Elementary School in West Oakland received its new tables. Placed between the school's office and the cafeteria, they really brighten up the campus and provide a great outdoor dining option. 


Oakland International High School (9-12)

  • Oakland International High School hosts a wonderful program for newcomers and already had a beautiful courtyard and garden in the center of their campus. Their new tables and umbrellas, installed on March 24, 2022, created new meal-time seating in this lovely setting.

Oak Int

Castlemont High School (9-12)

  • School pride is on full display with these new outdoor dining tables and Castlemont Knights umbrellas. The investment transformed this high school's main quad when the umbrellas were installed on March 23, 2022 (tables had arrived in January). Students and staff (such as spirited Castlemont custodian Doris Hall) appreciate the upgrade!


Global Family Elementary (TK-5)

  • On March 18, 2022, Global Family's tables and umbrellas made their debut. The school has two yards separated by the main building, and all of their new tables had been delivered to the upper yard. Our super helpful Buildings and Grounds carpenters knew they could not carry any of the tables that far, so they left, brought back a big truck, and hauled 5 tables to exactly the spot where Principal Juan Vaca wanted on the lower yard. Now both areas look fantastic and are ready for students to use.


International CDC (Preschool)

  • International CDC shares a campus in East Oakland with Think College Now and International Community School, both elementary schools. Their buildings are relatively new and the grounds are beautiful, but they did not have outdoor dining spaces. As of March 18, 2022, the preschoolers have a place to eat outside!

international cdc

Laurel CDC (Preschool)

  • Laurel CDC is located at the far end of the Laurel Elementary School campus. Their beautiful new tables, assembled March 14, 2022, created much-needed outdoor seating for the preschoolers.

laurel cdc

Burbank CDC (Preschool)

  • Burbank CDC houses our largest Special Education Preschool program. As of March 11, 2022, these incredible students now have additional outdoor seating options.


Centro Infantil de la Raza

Highland CDC (Preschool)

  • Highland CDC, which is right around the corner from Rise/New Highland Academy (elementary schools), had the perfect space ready for tables when they arrived on March 11, 2022. The preschoolers now eat outside in style! 


Harriet Tubman CDC (Preschool)

  • Harriet Tubman CDC is a wonderful West Oakland preschool located across the street from Hoover Elementary. Their outdoor dining area is fully covered thanks to a permanent overhang installed when the building was originally constructed. Assembly: March 11, 2022


Prescott Elementary (TK-5)

  • Prescott Elementary in West Oakland is one of the oldest schools in the East Bay. On March 11, 2022, the school received these outdoor dining tables which added more options for students. They also have tables in their garden area where students may eat and learn.


Yuk Yau CDC (Preschool)

  • Yuk Yau's preschool students started enjoying their new outdoor tables on March 11, 2022

Yuk Yau CDC (Preschool) outdoor tables

Rise/New Highland (TK-5)

  • As of March 10, 2022, students on this shared campus now have a beautiful shaded area for outdoor dining. More tables and umbrellas should arrive later in the spring to expand capacity.


Grass Valley Elementary (K-5)

  • Grass Valley's tables (assembled March 3, 2022) and matching umbrellas (installed March 10, 2022) provided much needed outdoor dining space for this school. Principal Casey Beckner sent a note of appreciation to the Buildings and Ground crew, saying, "The folks from B&G doing this are FANTASTIC!) They have been so helpful and thoughtful." 

Grass Valley

Fremont High School (9-12)

  • Fremont High School's 25 new outdoor dining tables arrived in two shipments, which meant crews made two trips to the site to assemble their tables. Some are right next to the cafeteria, while others provide outdoor seating on other parts of their recently remodeled campus. Assembly was completed on March 7, 2022.


Dewey Academy (9-12)

  • Truly a village set up Dewey Academy's outdoor eating area. Buildings and Grounds assembled tables on March 7, 2022. Later that afternoon, the school's administrative assistant and afterschool program staff installed the umbrellas, figuring out how to secure them to the tables. When the wind started to blow soon thereafter, the success of their labors was readily apparent, as the umbrellas stood still.

Dewey Staff

Chabot Elementary (K-5)

  • Chabot is a large school with two separate playgrounds and outdoor eating spaces. Their cafeteria opens onto the upper yard, where a few of the new tables increased eating capacity outdoors. Most of their new tables are in their lower yard. Thank you to the Chabot Dads' Club for assembling all of their tables on March 5, 2022 and securing their umbrellas later that month.

Chabot Dads

Reach Academy (K-5)

  • Reach Academy received tables in parts. On January 12, 2022, Buildings and Grounds put together several temporary folding tables that could accommodate umbrellas. Principal Natasha Flint-Moore was so impressed with the crew from Buildings and Grounds that she made a special request for the same group to come back to build the next batch of tables. On March 3, 2022, their permanent tables and umbrellas enhanced their playground space and provided welcome spaces for students to eat outdoors. 


Melrose Leadership Academy at Marshall (4-8)

  • Melrose Leadership Academy had some outdoor tables already on campus. On February 7, 2022, we installed new umbrellas. They are waiting for new tables to arrive, and additional umbrellas are on site.


Burckhalter Elementary School (K-5)

  • Burckhalter had outdoor tables under a permanent shade structure and did not need too many more. They added two additional tables on January 22, 2022 and matching umbrellas on February 4, 2022 to accommodate more students outdoors.


Ralph J. Bunche Academy (9-12)

  • Ralph J. Bunch Academy already had these outdoor tables on their patio, but they needed umbrellas. On February 4, 2022, we installed them.


East Oakland Pride (K-5)

  • On February 3, 2022, crews completed installing all of East Oakland Pride's new tables, completing the job started on January 22nd  when only the first three tables had arrived. This almost doubles their available outdoor seating in their courtyard.

East Oakland Pride

International Community School (TK-5)

  • On January 22, 2022, ICS put their first six new outdoor tables in an already shaded area next to their building and two more on February 3, 2022. Anticipated delivery for the remaining tables on their order is the end of March.


Oakland Technical High School (9-12)

  • A parent built the first table that arrived at Oakland Tech, then Buildings and Grounds installed the rest on January 28, 2022 and February 3, 2022.One group of tables is on their lower patio right outside the cafeteria, and the others are on the main campus level outside the back stairs.

Tech Main

Bridges Academy (TK-5)

  • Students at Bridges started using their new rectangular tables the day they were built - January 6, 2022. On January 28, 2022, OUSD Buildings and Grounds installed the remaining tables and umbrellas, and the students were thrilled!


Franklin Elementary School (TK-5)

  • Franklin's new picnic tables fit perfectly under existing covered areas. Installed the morning of January 28, 2022, students enjoyed lunch there that day.


Madison Park Academy (6-12)

  • Engineering teacher Tawanna Guillaume set her 3rd year engineering students to work building Madison Park Academy's first two tables on January 25, 2022. New tables came later in the week, and the student crew built the next six on January 28, 2022. Up next, the umbrellas which are on campus and ready to go.

MPA with umbrellas

Hillcrest School (K-8)

  • Hillcrest volunteers assembled their new outdoor seating in two phases, finishing the 8 tables and umbrellas received thus far on January 28, 2022. Two more are on the way later this spring.


Montera Middle School (6-8)

  • Montera's new tables were assembled on November 19, 2021. When their umbrellas arrived, Buildings and Grounds put some of them in tables purchased by the school's parent community and others in the new tables provided by OUSD. (Installation Completion Date: January 28, 2022)


Montclair Elementary School (K-5)

  • Thank you to the Montclair Dads' Club, who assembled the tables and umbrellas for their community. They completed the first table on January 27, 2022 and continued assembling additional tables as they arrived over the next few months.


Hoover Elementary School (K-5)

  • Hoover Elementary in West Oakland was one of the first two schools to get both tables and umbrellas installed. Their tables arrived earlier than most and were built on November 17, 2021. OUSD's Buildings and Grounds crew secured the umbrellas on January 22, 2022.

Hoover Elementary School

Markham Elementary School (K-5)

  • On January 22, 2022, Markham Elementary in East Oakland became one of the first two schools to add umbrellas to their new tables (installed November 19, 2021).


Bella Vista Elementary School (TK-5)

  • Within days of their arrival, the OUSD Buildings and Grounds team built Bella Vista's first shipment of outdoor tables on January 22, 2022. Their remaining tables were assembled on February 15, 2022.

Bella Vista

Frick Academy of Language (6-8)

  • Crews assembled six of Frick's new tables on January 22, 2022, and the umbrellas for the remaining six are on site ready to go once the other tables arrive. These tables join a group already on site before the year began.


La Escuelita Elementary School (TK-5)

  • As part of their school remodel several years ago, La Escuelita installed permanent outdoor tables adjacent to their field. On January 22, 2022, OUSD added new umbrellas.

La Escuelita

Madison Park Primary (TK-5)

  • Madison Park Primary has so far received 2 of their outdoor tables. Assembled January 22, 2022, the matching umbrellas will come within the month. The remaining tables and umbrellas are expected to arrive in late March.

Madison Park Primary

Redwood Heights Elementary School (K-5)

  • The school's new picnic tables (built on January 22, 2022) add to existing outdoor seating already in place. We expect their brand new outdoor seating for their many students who use wheelchairs to arrive within the next month.

Redwood Heights

Urban Promise Academy (6-8)

  • Urban Promise got four of their new picnic tables on January 13, 2022. The fifth arrived and was assembled shortly thereafter.


Skyline High School (9-12)

  • Skyline had some black picnic tables but needed many more to accommodate their student body. They ordered black and red tables, which we assembled creatively on January 8, 2022 to create solid black, solid red, and mixed red and black tables for their campus. Their black and red umbrellas are onsite and ready to go when the school decides to install them.


Crocker Highlands Elementary School (K-5)

  •  On January 5 and January 26, 2022, Crocker Highlands received a total of 3 new tables to match the ones they had purchased a number of years back. 


Acorn Woodland Elementary (K-5) and EnCompass Academy (K-5)

  • On this shared campus, it is easy for each school to move their new folding tables under covered walkways when it rains or they need the large amphitheater space cleared for an event. Installed November 19, 2021.

Acorn and EnCompass

Edna Brewer Middle School (6-8)

  • Edna Brewer already had some outdoor seating in their quad, but Principal Aubrey Layne asked for additional options that added flexibility. Assembled November 19, 2021, their folding picnic tables rest in the shade of their building along one of their sports fields.

Edna Brewer

Esperanza Elementary School (K-5) and Korematsu Discovery Academy (TK-5)

  • The principals of the two schools on the Stonehurst campus decided on sturdy folding tables for their outdoor dining. Students have been eating at these tables since November 19, 2021.

Esperanza and Korematsu Discovery Academy

Greenleaf TK-8

  • Greenleaf's recently remodeled campus is beautiful but has very little outdoor space. That's why they opted for these folding tables, built November 19, 2021


Sankofa United Elementary (K-5)

  • Sankofa's beautiful wooded area adjacent to the playground had a few permanent and foldable plastic tables, but they needed more. On November 19, 2021, the OUSD Buildings and Grounds team built the recycled plastic tables where they now sit amongst the trees.


Community Day School (9-12)

  • Built on November 17, 2021 for this small alternative high school, these outdoor tables are ready for their new umbrellas. We anticipate installing them at the end of January.

Community Day

Garfield Elementary School (TK-5)

  • Principal Edgar Ramirez hosted a community event on November 6, 2021 to build Garfield's tables and beautify their campus. Families, Garfield employees, and other OUSD staff members joined together to build their tables and clean up the playground and neighboring park.


Glenview Elementary School (TK-5)

  • Glenview's brand new campus had some outdoor seating on the playground, but they wanted a temporary option for outdoor dining near their cafeteria. Soon after their folding tables arrived on November 4, 2021, parent volunteers began to assemble them. Students have been enjoying the space both at lunch time and in the afterschool program.


Lincoln Elementary School (TK-5)

  • Lincoln Elementary, in the heart of Oakland's Chinatown, is one of OUSD's largest in population but smallest in outdoor square footage. Parent volunteers assembled picnic tables soon after receiving them on September 7, 2021, and Principal Mukta Sambrani found some areas where they now go to good use.


When will the rest of the tables arrive?

  • To see when we have been told by vendors that tables will arrive, click on the link below.

    Table Status Update 5.13.22

    Thus far, a few schools received their tables earlier than expected. Some have yet to receive deliveries due to supply chain challenges. Initially, getting materials to build with was a primary obstacle. Now, vendors tell us that labor shortages in factories as well as a lack of truck drivers are more responsible for the delays.Though we asked that they prioritize schools in neighborhoods with higher COVID rates and/or significant populations of Black students, deliveries have arrived in no particular order. We will continue to reach out to the vendors for updates and will update this list periodically.