• What We're Working On: Supporting Empowered Graduates


    During our strategic planning process in Spring 2021, our working group identified four focus areas. Each focus area includes a list of Year 1 actions and deliverables, listed below. Status updates are reported quarterly. 


    For more information about how we’re tracking our progress and impact, please visit our Progress Monitoring page. →

Focus Area 1: Prepare Students for Post-Secondary Success

  • Aligning systems to ensure students are able to earn certifications, college credit, and/or apprenticeships through the completion of a pathway and increasing the number of students transitioning successfully to a post-secondary opportunity 


     superintendent Kyla Johnson-Trammell shakes hands with a graduating senior, both smiling

Focus Area 2: Develop Systems of Personalized Supports

  • Investing in and creating systems of personalized supports for our most marginalized students


    educator helping student with a worksheet

Focus Area 3: Integrate Real World Learning

  • Deepening the integration of career technical education and work-based learning opportunities with our core content areas within and outside of school walls to ensure a relevant and authentic learning experience for students


    student with headphones and professional video camera, focused look on their face

Focus Area 4: Strengthen High School Preparation

  • Ensuring middle grade students are prepared for high school by strengthening our emphasis on challenging and relevant curricula with support for students' academic and developmental needs


    student looking up with pencil in hand

Ongoing Work

  • Built into this Strategic Plan are concrete action plans, deliverables, and metrics by which to measure our success. The Plan also includes an ongoing dialogue with the community so we can continue to engage in meaningful partnership. From now until June 2024, OUSD will:


    • Convene working groups to monitor year 1 actions and establish future actions and deliverables. (For more information about our working groups, please see our FAQ page.)
    • Organize quarterly co-chair engagements with the Superintendent for progress updates and guidance.
    • Provide additional opportunities for community engagement.
    • Share the strategic plan with the broader community. 


    We invite you to stay connected by keeping an eye on our Get Involved page (here →) for opportunities to raise your voice and share your vision for change in OUSD.

Student wearing headphones using a professional video camera