• Legislative Information Center (LIC)

    The LIC has the viewable navigation tabs, among others, listed below. Please "click" the named tab to access the specific information stated:

    Legislation - Click this tab to enter search or advanced search criteria (i.e., word(s), file id, time period, and/or file type), to find a particular matter(s), its history, current status and associated details that has appeared at least once on a legislative body meeting Agenda.

    Calendar – Click this tab to accept default display or enter your search criteria for posted Agenda, Minutes, and live stream or archived Video of meetings, if webcasted or otherwise recorded and posted. Click "In Progress" link on this tab for webcast of a meeting currently in session or "Video" for archived meetings, if webcasted or otherwise recorded and posted.


    eComments and eSpeaker Card Registration


    In the LIC, on the Calendar (i.e., Agenda, Minutes) Tab, use the eComment link, to the right of the Agenda link, issued with every newly published Agenda, to either express your position on an Agenda item and/or Sign Up to Speak on an eligible Agenda Item in advance of the Meeting.

    First time users must Register to use eComment. Thereafter:

    Apply the following steps: Click the eComment Link; a replica of the published Agenda will appear. Below most Agenda items there will either be one or two buttons:  Sign In To Speak and/or Comment.


    Comment on an Agenda Item Only

    To submit a Comment only on an Agenda item for a Meeting:  Click the Comment Button, beneath the Agenda item, to open the window where you may indicate your position on the Agenda Item: Support, Oppose; Neutral and/or submit a Comment. When done click the Submit Button. One Comment Button is available for each Agenda Item on which a Comment is being accepted.

    [Comments made on an Agenda item, upon clicking of the Submit Button, are immediately sent via email to all members of the legislative body and key staff supporting that legislative body. The Comment Button closes fifteen (15) minutes before the published start time of the meeting.] 


    Register to Speak on an Agenda Item

    To Register In Advance to Speak on an Agenda Item at the Meeting: Click the Sign In To Speak Button (if available), beneath the Agenda item.  A message dialog box appears, along with the button, “… I agree, Register Me.” Click the Button to register. The button Changes to “Unregister Me.” Should you change your Plan to personally speak on the Agenda item at the meeting, please click “Unregister Me.” A separate “I agree, Register Me” is required for each Agenda  item on which you may speak at the meeting.

    [Clicking the “I agree, Register Me” Button to Speak on an Agenda item immediately places your name on the electronic Speaker’s List for the item at the meeting. Conversely, “Unregister Me” removes your name from the List. The Sign In to Speak Button closes one (1) hour before the published start time of the meeting.  Afterwards if you wish to Speak on an Agenda Item you may Register manually by submitting a paper Speaker’s Card at the meeting.]



    Should you need assistance in navigating the tabs within the LIC, or otherwise, please feel free to contact any member of the Board's Staff.


    Chrome Browser, along with Acrobat Reader or Acrobat Pro, is recommended for viewing materials in the LIC.




    Sign-In is not required to use the LIC, unless you wish to customize "Your View" of the contents. If so, click "Sign-In" and create a personal Account, if you have not previously created an Account.