Free Meals for OUSD Students

  • Upcoming Menus 

    Communicating with families matters, and we know that many of you plan your children's lunches based on what we offer. Unfortunately, sometimes we must change plans because we cannot get needed ingredients. This can happen because of nationwide labor shortages in factories, on farms and with delivery companies. We will update our website as quickly as possible when we must adjust menus.


    Click Online Menus to see what will be served!

    This site includes allergens for your reference and is available in multiple languages.

    In the search bar, start typing Oakland Unified School District and select it once the full name appears. From there, choose your language preference on the far right of your screen & filter by school site to view what is being offered each day that month. To select breakfast, snacks or lunch, click on the tab just below the date. Though all sites appear to offer CACFP Snack and CACFP Supper, these are only offered at schools with high numbers of low income students. Please contact your school to find out if they have snack and/or supper programs.



    Elementary Breakfast: Free

    Elementary Lunch: Free

    Secondary Breakfast: Free

    Secondary Lunch: Free


    Free Food for OUSD Students

    This year, all OUSD students eat free!

    • There is no paperwork for TK-12 students to receive free meals.
    • Simply have your student go to the cafeteria and request a meal.
    • OUSD Early Childhood Education students must complete this meal form.




Additional Meals & A La Carte Items

  • All regular meals are free for all students.

    If your student would like an additional meal, a la carte snacks or a la carte beverages, please see below.

    There are three ways to pay for additional meals, a la carte snacks, and a la carte beverages.

    1. Students can pay in the cafeteria with cash or check.
    2. Families can pay online by signing up for an account on the TITAN Family Portal.

    The TITAN Family Portal is a secure, online system that allows parents to: 

    • Make an online payment to their children’s cafeteria meal accounts
    • Remotely monitor their children’s accounts
    • Set up automatic recurring payments 
    • Set up low balance e-mail message alerts 

    3. Families can also add money to accounts with the Titan Family Smartphone app:
         Click here for Android      Click here for Apple / iOS

    If you have questions about the menus used at your child's school, please contact Nutrition Services at (510) 434-3334.