Requirements for Students

    • Wear a mask both indoors and outdoors. (NEW UPDATE: Effective Monday, August 16, masks are required both indoors and outdoors on all OUSD campuses, for all staff and students, regardless of vaccination status, unless there is an exemption. Mask breaks outdoors will be permitted if done 6 feet apart from others.)
    • Stay home if you have symptoms.
    • Follow quarantine & testing instructions for COVID prolonged close contact.


    For detailed information about our safety protocols and site procedures, please see OUSD Guiding Resources for Fall 2021.


    Updated 08/11/21

Keeping Everyone Safe

  • How you and your family can help to keep everyone safe:

    1. Get vaccinated
    2. Wear a mask
    3. Wash your hands
    4. Stay home when sick
    5. Get COVID tested if you have symptoms, have been exposed, or are unvaccinated
    6. Notify your school if you test positive