• Transfers into OUSD for non-Oakland residents: Please see information here about how to apply for an Incoming Interdistrict Transfer. Note that transfers into OUSD schools for non-Oakland residents will only be made for schools that historically have open seats throughout the year, unless the student qualifies for a sibling hardship.

    Transfers out of OUSD for Oakland residents: Please see information here about how to apply for an Outgoing Interdistrict Transfer.


    Requests for Transfers Between OUSD Schools During the School Year

    Transfers during the school year can be disruptive for students and schools and are generally not permitted. After the first few weeks of school, OUSD no longer maintains waitlists. After this point, transfers are not permitted between OUSD schools except in the below limited circumstances with documented evidence. Transfers are not guaranteed and will only be made if there is available space at the school requested. No transfers between OUSD schools will be made in the last months of school (after April 30). 

    Other than Safety Hardship and Second Semester transfers, which have separate processes, all requests for transfers should be made by emailing the Student Welcome Center at enroll@ousd.org with the appropriate documentation, as outlined below. If you have questions before submitting your transfer request, you may email those questions (enroll@ousd.org) or call/text the Student Welcome Center at 510-879-4600.


    Permitted Reasons for Transfers within OUSD

    Type of Transfer


    Documentation Requirements

    Foster Youth

    For students who are officially part of the foster youth program

    • Foster youth may transfer to any open seat in the district.
    • Foster youth in secondary schools may be encouraged to transfer at the end of the marking period and/or semester, unless hardship prevents this.
    • Proof of placement within a foster care setting

    Change of address

    For students who have moved to a new Oakland address

    • Can only be used to transfer to your new neighborhood school
    • If the neighborhood school is full, the next closest option with available space will be offered
    • Picture ID of the parent/guardian
    • 1 proof of the new address that is dated and current (see details here)

    Sibling hardship

    For families whose children are at different schools

    • Must have a sibling already enrolled at the school where you are trying to move your other child
    • For students in Grades TK-5, can transfer anytime
    • For students in Grades 6-12, can only transfer at the end of a marking period (every 6 weeks) 
    • Picture ID of the parent/guardian

    Childcare hardship

    For families who have challenges because their primary childcare is in a different neighborhood than their current school

    • For students in grades TK-5 only
    • Childcare must be occurring at the site at least 4 days a week
    • Picture ID of the parent/guardian
    • Letter signed by the parent/guardian and the childcare provider, describing the change in circumstance that leads to this childcare hardship request.
    • 1 proof of address for the site where the childcare is occurring

    Neighborhood school

    For families who would prefer to attend their neighborhood school

    • Only for students in non-transitional Grades: TK-4, 6-7, and 9-11.
    • As with all transfers, this depends on space availability at the school.
    • For Grades 6-7 and Grades 9-11, can only transfer at the end of a marking period (every 6 weeks).
    • Picture ID of the parent/guardian
    • If you are also requesting an address change, please follow Change of address documentation above)

    Child of school staff member

    For families who would like their child to attend the school where the parent/guardian works

    • Only to the school site where the parent/guardian works for at least 50% of their work week.
    • Parent/guardian must be an OUSD employee at a school site.
    • Picture ID of the parent/guardian
    • OUSD Employee ID of the parent/guardian for verification of physical work location

    Safety hardship

    For students who have a verified safety concern at current school

    • Must be approved by a network superintendent who will also handle placement
    • See additional details here

    Dual Language exception

    For (a) students who are experiencing challenges with their assigned dual language program and need a non-dual language program, or (b) newcomer students where a dual language program would better fit their language needs.

    • Only for students in grades TK-5
    • For newcomer students, approval must also be obtained by the Office of Newcomers and the student's current principal
    • N/A

    Sojourner Truth Independent Studies/Distance Learning exception

    For (a) students who are currently enrolled in Sojourner Truth Independent Study and wish to return to in-person learning, or (b) students who are enrolled in in-person learning and wish to enroll in distance learning through the Sojourner Truth Independent Study program.

    • Students wishing to transfer to in-person learning are not guaranteed a spot at a specific school, but every effort will be made to enroll them in the school of their choice.
    • N/A

    Return to previous school

    For students wishing to re-enroll in the school they attended immediately prior to enrolling in their current school.


    • The request to transfer back to the prior school must be made within 6 weeks of enrolling in the current school.
    • N/A

    Second semester transfer

    For students who wish to transfer for the second semester because of dissatisfaction with their current school, but have no specific hardship

    • For students currently in grades TK-5, 6-7, and 9-11 only
    • Can only request one school to transfer into
    • If space is available at the requested school, the student will automatically be transferred to that school for the beginning of the second semester (after winter break) and you will be notified of the transfer. You cannot decline this transfer.
    • The second semester transfer request window opens annually on November 14 and closes on December 7.

      Click here to submit a request.