Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

WOMS student on iPad
  • How can I learn more about public schools in Oakland?

  • When should I apply to OUSD schools? 

  • How do I apply to OUSD schools?

  • Who needs to apply for OUSD schools each year?

  • My child already attends an OUSD school in a grade other than 5th or 8th grade. Does s/he need to apply for next year?

  • How many schools can I apply to?

  • Is it important for me to rank my schools?

  • Can I change the ranking or choice of schools after I have submitted the application?

  • What if I don’t like my offer or my waitlists and want to make some changes?

  • I heard that in the past, families could “appeal” offers/waitlists and make changes. Is that happening this year?

  • How do you determine who gets an offer to a particular school?

  • How do waitlists work?

  • How is the order and placement on waitlists determined?

  • How likely is it that I will receive an offer to a school if I am on its waitlist?

  • How long can I stay on a waitlist?