Work Permits

  • Steps to Obtaining a Work Permit


    NOTE:  You need to get a job BEFORE you get a work permit.


    1.  After you have received a job offer, use the link below to submit a Work Permit Application.


    Note: A student needs her/his guardian's email and employer's email to complete the Work Permit Application. Once the student completes her/his section, s/he routes it to the guardian, after which it gets routed to the employer.


    2.  Click this link to fill out the application form:  OUSD Work Permit Application for the 2020-21 School Year


    • Once the application has been approved, the work permit will be emailed to the student’s OUSD email address.


    3.  The student keeps an electronic copy of the work permit, and forwards a copy to the employer’s email address, so that the employer can also keep an electronic copy of the work permit.

    Note: If and when the student and employer have access to a printer, they should print and sign the work permit.


    For more detailed iinformation, review this Slide Presentation:  How to Apply for a Work Permit for OUSD Students