Dual College Enrollment

  • Dual College Enrollment - Spring 2023


    Dual enrollment allows Castlemont students to take community college courses while in high school.  Castlemont currently offers 3 dual enrollment classes. Classes are open to all students and currently serve students within the Community Health Equity Academy (CHEA), Sustainable Urban Design Academy (SUDA), and International Pathways, as well as 9th & 12th grade students. Courses offer students the opportunity to continue to explore pathway themes and topics in a rigorous setting that cultivates college and career readiness.


    • Sociology of the Family:. This course is part of a 3 course sequence that leads to completion of the Early Childhood Education (ECE) certificate.  The course focuses on social factors which contribute to marriage and family ties: The changing historic, economic and socio-cultural forces that shape relationships among men, women, parents and children. The course allows students to fulfill an undergraduate general education requirement in the social and behavioral science & is UC/ CSU transferable.  Upon completion of this program, students will receive the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing Associate Teacher Permit, with a School-Age Emphasis. This certificate combines some of the core courses in the Education AA-T with fieldwork in the schools, as well as additional courses focusing on school readiness. Students who complete this program will qualify to serve as teachers' aides in classrooms from pre-kindergarten and transitional kindergarten through third grade, as well as after-school programs.  This course is taught during 7th period.


    • Bay Area Food Culture: This course is held during 5th period on the 1 acre Castlemont farm.  The course is hands-on and includes planting and harvesting. Students will explore the local community through the lens of food and agriculture, and study the cultural diversity of food systems and farms.  The course is part of the Urban AgroEcology Certificate Program, and is CSU transferrable.


    • English to Speakers of Other Languages:  This course is designed to support non-English speakers to improve fluency and accuracy in English through listening comprehension, grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation and presentation skills.  Students will practice expressing ideas fluently, accurately & appropriately in spoken English.  This course is taught during 3rd period.


    Dual enrollment courses also align with campus work-based learning opportunities, giving students the opportunity to get college level credit and hands on experience.


    For more information about Dual Enrollment: 

    Angelica Rubi-Munoz

    Work Based Learning Coordinator


Spring 2023 Dual Enrollment Courses

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