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Oakland High Business & Finance RISE Newcomer Pathway
  • The Marketing, Sales, and Services sector is designed to align career-path course work with current and projected employment opportunities. There is a basic business foundation in this sector: marketing and innovation are two major competitive issues for business today. Marketing includes the processes and techniques of identifying, promoting, and transferring products or services to consumers and is a function of almost every business. It exists within an environment of rapidly changing technology, interdependent nations and economies, and increasing demands for ethical and social responsibility.

    The three pathways in this sector (Marketing, Professional Sales, and Entrepreneurship/Self-Employment) emphasize training to meet the growing need for marketing professionals with skills in communication, small business, self-employment, advertising, marketing strategies, product and service management, and promotion and selling concepts. These pathways provide a firm foundation for advanced education, entry to a career, and success in the global marketplace. All industry sectors include entrepreneurship and marketing, and therefore students in the Marketing, Sales, and Services sector have a variety of career options.

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  • “Our teachers speak Spanish which makes it faster for us to learn. Now that I’m in 11th and 12th grade they’ve taught me a lot more English. It was hard at first but I ended up learning a lot.” —  Newcomer Student