I am Diane Lang principal of Manzanita SEED Elementary School, this is my fourth year as the principal at SEED; my twenty-third as a public school educator. 

    My educational philosophy includes the belief  that children can do anything we believe they can do, and the competence of the adults who serve students is a critical part of making sure our children achieve their full potential. We examine our critical consciousness as educators and are committed to racial justice, equity and empowerment for ourselves and all stakeholders in our community.  In our school we are focused on closing the achievement gap for our student sub-groups, we want all students to build relationships and feel connected and engaged in their learning, we  offer wrap around services for students and enrichment programs as part of our school day and after-school partnerships.  

    As part of our professional development cycles and school-wide practices I have led my staff in courageous conversations and sharing regarding racism, colonization, exclusionary practices and systemic oppression. I am proud of the work we have done and the ways we have grown in our commitment to center equity as a staff.  Consequently our work at SEED has influenced the racial justice work for our entire school district. We have strengthened our intention as a school for liberatory education,  centering equitable, antiracist protocols while improving student achievement and teacher effectiveness.   


    As a school,  we take responsibility for the long-term investment needed to achieve equally high outcomes for all students. As part of that work, we strive to build a school-wide culture of belonging, respect, and social justice that honors all students and their families. SEED is an acronym for School of Expeditions, Equity and Diversity. The diversity of our community-students, staff, families and partners is an asset to be celebrated and in our classrooms we strive to uplift and magnify the assets that our students bring. 

    This school year has been uniquely challenging due to the required school closures in response to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic. My staff and I have worked hard to adjust to the demands of distance learning and are working to create the best possible conditions in order to support our students and families. We look forward to school reopening when our school district and state leadership lets us know we can do so safely. We invite our families to join one of our parent committees {School Site Council, Black Family Engagement, Parent Teacher Union, and our fundraising committee Los Amigos de Manzanita SEED and coffee with the principal. These offer a  space to learn more about our school, our programs and to meet other SEED families. 

    I look forward to seeing you all again in person again soon. Until then, I hope to see you virtually in one of our ongoing family committee meetings.


    In Community,  

    Principal Diane G. Lang




                                              Ms. Lang in Tianjin, China as an American Principal delegate