Scheduling In-person Learning

  • Moving to in-person learning will require managing a significant transition for both students and staff. Our goal is to make the transition as seamless as possible by preserving fall distance learning schedules and creating multiple staffing scenarios for each school.


    Scheduling In-Person Instruction and Learning Supports Process:

    1. Determine classrooms or outdoor learning spaces on campus to be used for In-person


    2. Identify staff available for in person instruction and/or student supports.


    3. Identify students who will be returning based on family preference, grade level & learning needs within the appropriate phase of reopening.

    • A & B Cohorts: if there are more students opting into In-person learning per staff member, students will be split into two cohorts to receive In-person learning support.


    • Single Cohort: if there are fewer students opting into In-person learning per staff member, those students will come to school four days per week.



    Note that because of the many variables impacting students’ and staff members’ abilities to return to In-person learning, the types of support available to students on campus will vary. The start date will depend on local COVID-19 case rates and labor agreements.


    Our program is aimed at cultivating joy in students through in person interactions with peers and educators.
    Our goal is to provide a staff member in each classroom to deliver instruction, support facilitated distance learning, tutoring or small groups, and/or social interaction with students/enrichment activities, for every student who wishes to attend in-person learning. Because individual circumstances vary, we cannot guarantee that individual school site staff are returning, but we will be working with substitutes, classified staff, and program partner staff to ensure there is a staff member in every classroom.


Families who select In-person learning are offered support as follows:

  • Students return to school for a minimum of two days per week on rotating days.

    Go Live Dates:
    The first day of In-person learning will be determined by local health conditions first, and will apply to students by grade level and priority of need as follows. The first day in person for grades 3-12 assumes the successful launch of Grades PK-2 without incident triggering district wide closure.


    * Grades 6-12 will remain largely in distance learning with weekly offerings of additional supports and office hours where staffing is available.



    • Students will be scheduled for In-person learning based on available staffing of classroom teachers, substitute teachers, classified staff, and program partner staff.


    • Distance learning will continue to be an option to students. We are committed to offering a quality distance learning program during all phases.


    • Students will be kept in small stable groups with fixed membership that stay together for all activities (e.g. instruction, lunch, recess) for a minimum of four weeks at a time.


    • Cohorts will minimize/avoid contact with other groups or individuals.


    Ensuring Equity:

    • Some students will have additional small group instruction based on need (including subgroups identified pursuant to Education Code section 52052 (see CDE’s CA School Dashboard established pursuant to subdivision (g) of Section 52064.5).