What will this year this year look like?

  • Determining when we can move to In-person learning in our schools is dependent upon state and county public health guidelines, local plans, and local labor agreements.


    Each district must create their own plan for resuming In-person instruction and negotiate the impact of their plan with labor partners. Negotiations will result in adjustments to the plan within the constraints of state and public health guidance. OUSD’s plan is based on the COVID Action Team recommendations, family surveys, and community meetings.


    In September, the state released their new Blueprint for a Safer Economy, identifying tiers for when different sectors of society could safely reopen based on:

    • The number of new COVID cases in a seven day period per 100,000 residents.


    • The percent of positive tests within the whole county.


    • The percent of positive tests within the neighborhoods with the least socio-economic opportunity, as identified by the California Healthy Places Index. (HPI)


    The state and county Public Health Departments recommend reopening schools for in-person instruction when a county has entered the Purple Tier while small, in-person learning hubs can open at any time.


    The OUSD plan recommends a phased reopening of schools when our county enters into the Red Tier while small learning hubs with In-person learning can open at any time.