• OaklandUndividedTechCheck

    #OaklandUndivided is a citywide initiative to support Oakland public school students with home technology access.  The initiative supports disconnected and underconnected students with laptops, Internet access, and ongoing tech support.  The initiative’s founding partners are the City of Oakland, the Oakland Public Education Fund, the Oakland Promise, the Oakland Unified School District, and Tech Exchange.


    This survey will be used to determine if you qualify for an #OaklandUndivided ("OU") device. You must complete the survey in its entirety if you wish to receive an OU device. If you do not wish to complete this survey in its entirety, or if you do not ultimately qualify for an OU device, you should contact your child's school site in order to learn about alternative options for receiving a device. All students will be provided the devices they need in order to access their education.


    This survey requests information about your financial status, including your Free and Reduced Price Lunch ("FRPL") eligibility, which is one of several factors that OU may use to determine if you qualify for an OU device. OU will not share your responses with any individual or entity outside of OU. By completing this survey, you consent to OU's use of your FRPL response in this manner. You may decline to provide information regarding your FRPL eligibility, and doing so will not affect your eligibility for FRPL.

    The information you enter on the survey will be shared with Tech Exchange, a fiscal sponsored project of the Oakland Public Education Fund. You can learn more about the Oakland Public Education Fund’s privacy policy here: https://www.oaklandedfund.org/privacy-policy/.  Tech Exchange and the Oakland Public Education Fund will not receive FRLP information from external sources.


    CLICK HERE to access the Oakland Undivided Device survey.