#Oakland Undivided

  • In the spring of 2020, OUSD teachers and staff came together to distribute more than 18,000 devices to our students, so they could continue their education at home. By partnering with Tech Exchange, we were also able to provide internet access to more than 2,500 students. However, these efforts were only enough to achieve a 1 device to 1 family ratio, with loaned devices that would ultimately need to be returned to the district. 


    Foreseeing the need for a longer term investment in permanently closing the digital divide, Oakland leaders came forward to create #OaklandUndivided, to provide a personal Chromebook to every individual student in the city who needs one.


    • In April, #OaklandUndivided raised an unprecedented $12.5M towards the cost of devices and internet access for Oakland students.


    • In June, we were able to place orders for 19,0000 Chromebooks and 7,000 hot spots, which we will be distributing to students across the city.



    • Once the surveys have been completed district-wide, the #OaklandUndivided team will provide each site with their devices to begin distributing to students. In the meantime, for the start of the year, OUSD schools will continue to loan out their own devices, to ensure there is minimal interruption in students’ online learning plans.