PPE Guidance

  • It is important for staff to take time and care to educate students and families on efforts being undertaken for student, staff and family safety - including the purposes of PPE, how to use it, and our shared agreements surrounding the importance of PPE.


    A useful summary of current guidance regarding PPE from the California Department of Education and our state and county public health experts is available here.


    1. Cloth face coverings are required (except when eating or drinking) for all students and staff, with the exception of Pre-K students or others who are unable to wear them due to special circumstances, such as a particular developmental or health diagnosis that would limit their ability to wear a face covering.


    1. Teachers can use face shields, if available, which enable younger students to see their teachers’ faces and to avoid potential barriers to phonological instruction. Face shields will be provided to teachers who desire this option. Face shields should be worn over a mask or with a drape to prevent airborne particles entering inside the face shield.  


    1. Soap and hand sanitizer reduce disease transmission, and will be available and handy in all classrooms, bathrooms, main offices, entrance to school, cafeteria, etc. Everyone must sanitize upon entering and exiting school and cafeteria and bathrooms.


    1. PPE signage provided by OUSD can serve as a helpful reminder to everyone.


    1. Special PPE (N95 masks, gown and gloves) is appropriate for clinical staff who will come into close contact with individuals are symptomatic, some staff who work with students with moderate to severe disabilities, and for custodial staff who use aerosolizing sprays.  Please see more below.