Site Procedures

  • OUSD central office and every school site have implemented safety procedures to keep staff and students safe, as we are critical participants in the larger public health response to COVID-19 in Alameda County. School or district leadership will communicate with students, staff, and parents about cases and exposures at the school, consistent with privacy requirements such as FERPA and HIPAA.

Face Coverings

  • 1. NEW UPDATE: Effective Monday, August 16, masks will be required both indoors and outdoors on all OUSD campuses, for all staff and students, regardless of vaccination status, unless there is an exemption. Mask breaks outdoors will be permitted if done 6 feet apart from others.


    2. Staff working in a room by themselves may remove their face coverings.


    3. Staff may wear face shields over their masks, face shields with drapes, or masks with clear fronts, so students can see their mouths. 


    4. Students who cannot wear a mask due to documented medical or behavior contraindications or those students with developmental delays will not be excluded from class if they cannot consistently wear a face covering. Staff will encourage and remind them to wear their face covering, and keep students 6 feet apart from other students, if they cannot wear a face covering. 


    5. All schools will be provided with a supply of disposable masks for individuals who forget to bring one.


    wear a mask


    Updated 08/11/21