A Message from our Superintendent

  • Dear OUSD Community:

    I want to begin by acknowledging: This is hard and will continue to be hard. There are no perfect solutions that neatly address all concerns, but together we will develop the best plan we can to address our community’s varied needs. I never anticipated having to lead our district through a global pandemic. No matter who you are, teaching and learning in this new world means new roles and responsibilities for each and every one of us. 


    However, this is our time and together we must rise to meet these challenges. And if we focus on what is most important -- science, safety, staff support, and student learning -- we will come through this stronger.


    Our community of grassroots visionaries and problem-solvers has come together and done what needs to be done on behalf of our young people:


    • Our schools, teachers, and other staff quickly shifted to online instruction, began daily wellness checks, targeted our most disconnected students, and continued as many services as possible.

    • Our central office launched the #Oakland Undivided campaign to provide internet and computer access to every child who needs it.

    • Our nutrition services team changed their entire program in days in order to immediately provide food for students and families. Partners such as the Alameda County Community Food Bank, World Central Kitchen, and Eat. Learn. Play. stepped up to build out an incredible community support.

    • Our labor partners have shown their readiness to design new ways to work and teach in these unprecedented circumstances, keeping students at the center of our shared values.


    The plan in this guide would not be possible without our COVID-19 Action Team. It brought together individuals from all over Oakland to work together in unprecedented collaboration across traditional roles and silos, putting equity front and center in their recommendations for the new year. 


    Our current moment requires us to stay flexible, keep learning, support each other, and to work together on behalf of our young people. We will undoubtedly have to make adjustments to any and all plans we make, as the scientific research and safety guidelines evolve, and the needs in our city change over time. 


    I am committed to keep sharing the best information we have with everyone who cares about and depends on OUSD, and to listen to your ideas and concerns. I hope that you will stay engaged and informed as we go down this road together.

    Dr. Kyla Johnson-Trammell
    OUSD Superintendent