• Work Permits 

    Please click this link to complete your work permit application online: Student Work Permit Application.
    When you open the link, you'll be asked for your name and email address before letting you complete your section of the application. Once you enter this information, you will approve the application and it will then forward to your parent's email address.
    1. You will complete the student section and enter all requested information.
    2. You will complete the parent's section and add their email address.
    3. You will need to complete the employer section and add the email address for your employer.
    After your parent completes and approves their section, the application will be routed to your employer. Once your employer completes and approves their section, it will route to the Linked Learning office. Once Linked Learning approves everything, the application will be routed to Ms. Delgado. Ms. Delgado will enter the information into AERIES to generate a work permit. Once the permit is generated, Ms. Delgado will print it, sign it, and email it to you. 
    The process should take 5-7 business days but may take longer depending on how quickly all parties involved complete their sections. Please be sure to let your parent and employer know they should be on the lookout for an email regarding your work permit application. 
    If you have any questions or need help completing the form, please email evelyn.delgado@ousd.org or call/text her at  (510) 736-0219
Work Permit Forms