Custodial Cleaning Protocol

  • Custodial Services’ main objective is to ensure that students, staff, parents/guardians, and all visitors have a clean and safe environment in which to learn, teach, and visit.


    Custodial Services have established cleaning standards, a scope of work, and a cleaning policy that are core to the essential function which will assist custodial personnel in keeping their schools clean and sanitary. Occasionally, we have to shift from our regular Core Cleaning Outline to a Virus Prevention Cleaning Outline when there are widespread infection concerns as in the cases of H1N1, SARS, and COVID-19.


    Our Virus Prevention Cleaning Routine will include the following services:


    • Restrooms: Cleaned and restocked with soap, paper towels, and empty trash bins 3x a day. The sanitation of high-touch surfaces including doors, handles, faucets, sinks, dispensers and partitions will occur 3x a day.  


    • Classrooms: Spray bottles and paper towels will be provided to teachers for use during the school day; Night custodians will be responsible for sanitizing high-touch surfaces including desks, doors, light switches, handles, countertops, workstations, and faucets each night.


    • Hallways: High touch surfaces such as handles, doors, elevator buttons, and light switches will be wiped down 3x a day.


    • Stairwells: Handrails and ledges will be wiped down 3x a day.


    • Cafeteria and Multipurpose rooms: Drinking fountains should not be used. Custodial staff will wipe down all doors and door handles; Nutrition Services staff will wipe down all tables, faucets, kitchen areas, and serving stations after every meal.


    • Office areas: Doors and door handles will be wiped down 3x day; countertops, desks, and workstations will be wiped down each night.


    • Gymnasiums and locker rooms: Locker rooms should not be used, if possible. Night custodians will be responsible for wiping down all high-touch surfaces, such as tables, doors, light switches, handles, countertops, equipment, faucets, lockers, and bleachers.


    • Playgrounds and surrounding areas: Play structures will not be used. Exterior doors will be wiped down at least once a day.