• Latest CST Results Show OUSD Test Scores Continue to Rise

    Improvement evident across range of school levels and subgroups; elementary school students go to head of class as middle schools post significant gains.

    Oakland – August 16, 2010 –Today’s release of the 2010 California Standards Test (CST) results continued the trend that has established OUSD as California’s most improved large, urban school district over the past five years. The CST is the core exam used to evaluate student achievement in the state of California, and results for Oakland Unified showed progress across a range of levels and subgroups. Although middle and high school students recorded gains, with high schools showing some of their largest increases in recent years, elementary schools once again led the charge. The number of elementary students testing as proficient or advanced rose by eight percent in both English Language Arts (ELA) and Math, while the five-year growth in those categories totaled 15 and 20 percent respectively.

    While a large number of elementary schools demonstrated accelerated achievement, their elder counterparts in OUSD middle schools also made impressive strides, boosting performance by five percentage points in ELA and eight percentage points in Math. Overall, 5 schools experienced a double-digit surge in ELA, 9 schools made similar advances in Math, and 8 schools grew by double digits in both Math and ELA. District-wide, the percentage of students meeting the state’s proficiency goals rose by 4 points in ELA and 5 points in Math, while the percentage of students scoring in the “Below Basic” and “Far Below Basic” bands declined.

    “It is exciting to see SEED students make significant progress on the CST for the second year in a row,” said Katherine Carter, Principal at Manzanita SEED Elementary, where mathematics proficiency rates grew by 29 percent over last year. “We have a fantastic team of dedicated teachers and support staff as well as a wonderful community of families who work together to support each other as well as our students. Manzanita SEED has an ambitious vision: for all students to become proficient in English and Spanish as well as multi-culturally competent.Curricular flexibilityin language arts has supported this vision by allowing us to focus on standards-based teaching in a creative, innovative way.”

    The overall academic progress in Oakland Public Schools means that, compared to 2008-09, approximately 1,500 additional students tested as proficient or advanced in ELA, while approximately 1,900 additional students rated as proficient or advanced in Math. While applauding the progress, Deputy Superintendent for Instruction, Leadership and Equity in Action, Maria Santos, noted that new initiatives and areas of emphasis are needed to accelerate student achievement and reduce inequity.

    “Throughout the district, we will be readying and implementing system-wide, targeted strategies to improve student performance,” Santos explained. A good dealof our work has been program-focused, which has created pockets of excellence while sustaining dramatic inequity. To extend this excellence district wide and root out inequity, we will start transforming OUSD from a district with a few full-service schools to a full-service community school district, increase effective instruction in Mathematics and English Language Arts, establish the African-American Male Achievement Office, define high quality, effective instruction, build capacity to execute that instruction, bolster the site-based support for new teachers and increase the teacher and principal retention rate.

    Notable Performances

    (As measured by year-over-year growth in % of students testing proficient or advanced)

    OUSD Schools seeing “Proficient” rating increases of at least 9.5%:

    English/Language Arts



    ·Ascend Elementary

    ·Bridges at Melrose

    · Allendale Elementary

    · Futures Elementary

    · Fred T. Korematsu Elementary

    · Alliance Academy

    · Greenleaf Elementary (9.2% English)

    · James Madison Middle School

    · Burckhalter Elementary

    · Horace Mann Elementary (9% Math)

    · Martin Luther King, Jr. Elementary

    · Elmhurst Community Prep

    ·Esperanza Elementary

    · Manzanita Community Elementary

    · RISE Elementary

    · Hoover Elementary

    · Markham Elementary

    · Marshall Elementary

    · New Highland Academy

    · Maxwell Park Elementary

    · Oakland Community Day Middle School

    · Piedmont Avenue Elementary

    · Manzanita SEED Elementary

    · Urban Promise Academy

    Top 4 OUSD Middle Schools showing the most improvement:

    • Alliance Academy (15.3% Math, 5.7% English/Language Arts)
    • Elmhurst Community Prep (12.6% Math, 8.3% English/Language Arts)
    • James Madison Middle School (8.1% Math, 13.6% English Language Arts)
    • Oakland Community Day School (12.7% Math, 23.1% English/Language Arts)

    Top 3 OUSD High Schools showing the most improvement:

    • Oakland High School (5.4% Math, 4.2% English/Language Arts)
    • Oakland Technical High School (4.3% Math, 5.6% English/Language Arts)
    • Skyline High School (4.8% Math, 5.3% English/Language Arts)
Last Modified on August 17, 2010