• We encourage you to keep up your distance learning over the summer! You will begin an exciting adventure in August, and we'd like you to be ready to learn and grow on the first day of second grade. With that in mind, we'd encourage you to keep reading, writing, and practicing math this summer. Below is a list of programs you can work on over the summer. We also think you should play outside, get messy, and have fun! 

    Ms. Boston, Ms. Sanders, Ms. Gravelle


    A highlight of distance learning for us has been seeing the students share their work with each other on Seesaw. We believe this program will be available to us during the summer break. On June 3rd, we will post a variety of assignments to Seesaw as an option for your child to complete! We will try our best to approve work once a week, but please be patient. We encourage students to only complete one assignment every few days, as assignments won’t continually be posted. Remember this is entirely optional! 


    Studies show that children who do not read over the summer, could potentially lose up to TWO months of reading progress. Your child has made so much progress this year and I only want it to continue! Below is a list of suggestions for how to keep your child moving. Please email me with any questions you may have!

    • Keep it fun! We want our children to love reading
    • Pack books in your beach bag or picnic basket, and bring a stack on long car rides
    • Join a virtual Library! 
    • Continue reading and listening to stories on Myon and Epic
    • Try and read for 20-30 minutes every day
    • Read to your child - Be sure to read with expression, changing your voice for different characters, and increasing your volume during exciting parts are a few ways to keep children engaged
    • Read for different purposes - reading directions for a recipe or directions for assembling a toy are fun ways of incorporating reading into everyday life

    Phonics/Sight Words

    • Your child should be fluent in Fry’s first 200 sight words. This means your child should be able to read these words with automaticity. You can find a list of these words by googling “Fry’s first 200 sight words.”
    • Lexia is available during summer. If your child did not yet complete level 9, they should continue working on Lexia 2-3 times a week for 20 minutes


    Encourage your child to write this summer. 

    • Write letters to friends and relatives 
    • Keep a summer journal (summer presents unique ways for your child to write about their own experiences) 
    • Have your child write out the weekly grocery list
    • Practice writing upper and lower case letters
    • Make up a game and write the directions
    • Practice writing your first and last name and address
    • Write a letter to your teacher (We promise to write back) 


    • Practice addition and subtraction facts to 20 
    • Play board games - this helps your child to understand rules, take turns, count spaces, and practice numbers
    • Play “Guess my number” - give your child clues and have them guess the number (my number is 10 more than 32), you can also switch and have your child give the clues
    • Practice counting to 100 by 2’s, 5’s and 10’s
    • ST math is available during summer. If your child did not yet reach 100% they should continue working on ST math 2-3 times a week for 20 minutes.
    • Khan Academy: Free, recorded math lessons with videos and quizzes


    Art/ Engineering/Science

    • Make and create!
    • Come up with your own science experiment
    • Garden
    • Mystery Science: Free and engaging science lessons for all grade levels!
    • Brain Pop! Free (for school closures) math, science, social studies, language arts for kids. Great introduction to topics. Take the quiz at the end to test your knowledge 
    • Exploratorium: Hands on crafts and experiments
    • Virtual Field Trips : Take a virtual field trip to a zoo
    • Drawing with Mo Willems!: Draw with Mo Willems daily at noon! He'll teach you how to draw some of your favorite characters