Independent Activities Math

    •Count, group, sort and “categorize” all kinds of items around the house and outdoors.

    Create counting “collections” (a number of items together) to display somewhere at home.

    Label the items with the correct numeral or number word.

    •Write your own word problems (ie, there were five apples, they were all green and yellow, four were green, how many were yellow?)!

    You can write just one or begin a book of word problems. When the time is right, ask a grown up, to solve the problem(s).

    •Number of the Day: Choose a number. Write the numeral and the number word on paper, then find that number of items to glue (beans, pasta, rice, pine needles, leaves, etc.).


    ●Practice blending cvc words from the attached list.

    ●Practice your kindergarten heart words from the attached list.

    •Private reading: Get the books you can read by yourself. Make sure they are all in one place so you can easily get to them.

    Read alone, using everything you have learned in kindergarten, for 30 minutes.

    •Independent reading: Get the books you love. Even if you cannot read them yet, make sure they are all in one place so you can easily get to them. Explore your amazing books for 30 minutes.

    •Using a set of mixed up letter cards, place them in alphabetical order. Each time you place a card, make the sounds the letter represents. Use the letter cards to make up your own silly words! Read the word five times after you make it! Writing

    •Write a book about kindergarten.

    •Write a book all about wonderful YOU!

    •Write a book about your family.

    •Write a fiction book all about a stuffy, toy or something else you love at home. For example, tell your reader how your stuffy arrived at your home and what it does all day and night!

    •Write a letter to Ms. Kath and mail it. I will write back! (92 Henry Street San Francisco, CA 94114)