•  Ms. Ranahan

    Ms. Ranahan

    She likes to teach math, because it pushes you to have critical thinking. Her overall goals for her students are for them to persist and work together.

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  • Mr. Lau

    Mr. Lau

    His goal for teaching is to bring more modern technology into classrooms and teach world
    history using modern teaching forms.

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  • Ms. Riback

    Ms. Riback

    Ms. Riback is proud to be a Toro. She loves her community, inspires kids, and kids inspire her.

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  • Mr. Ford

    Mr. Ford

    “Separate man from ball.”

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  • Mr. Holmes

    Mr. Holmes

    Holmes was born and raised in rural Pennsylvania, outside of Allentown. His town was so small, it only had three stoplights. His high school graduating class was 130 students.

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