• August 11, 2020 

    Dear Oakland Community,


    Due to shelter-in-place, all work permits for Oakland students will be processed electronically. 


    Summer 2020 permits expire on August 16. Applications for schoolyear work permits will be accepted on or after August 7, 2020. 


    As of June 30, 2020, OUSD is not processing work permits for Charter and Private schools. If you have questions or need support in this transition, please contact Greg Cluster at gregory.cluster@ousd.org. Please click here to reference the Oakland Charter and Private School Work Permit Directory.


    Please continue to consult this webpage for updates.


    Please follow the information below and contact us if you have any questions at workpermits@ousd.org.


    Will OUSD continue to process new work permit requests during the period of school closures?

    Yes. OUSD will process work permits during the period of school closures. However, the work permit application process will take place electronically via electronic forms rather than via hard copies or PDFs. Due to Shelter-in-Place in the context of Covid-19, OUSD's Legal Department requires employers to complete a Covid Amendment, which certifies compliance with the Essential Services and Hygiene Requirements defined by the Alameda County Public Health Department. The required employer Covid Amendment is in the application linked below.

    After receiving an offer of employment:

    • The student initiates this form. Note that the student must be the initiator, not a guardian or employer. The student needs her/his guardian email and employer email to complete this step. Once the student completes her/his section, s/he routes it to the guardian, after which it gets routed to the employer.
    • The Linked Learning Office reviews the completed forms and, if appropriate, issues a work permit. It emails the completed work permit to the student’s email address.
    • The student keeps an electronic copy of the work permit, and forwards a copy to the employer’s email address, so that the employer can also keep a copy of the work permit.

    Are there specific criteria that students must meet in order to obtain a work permit?

    Yes. Only students age 12 and older may receive work permits. In addition, only students with a GPA of 2.0 or higher and attendance of 90% or higher may receive work permits. For students who attend OUSD schools, the Linked Learning Office will verify grades and attendance. If a student does not meet the eligibility criteria, the Linked Learning Office will connect with the principal of the student’s school of attendance to consider developing an intervention plan.

    Are there limits on the number of hours that students may work while schools are closed?

    Yes. Although schools are not physically open, school is still in session. This means that the ordinary limits on the number of hours that students may work are still in effect. Unless certain exceptions apply, these limits are:

    • 12-13 years old: May only work on weekends and school holidays. May not work on school days.
    • 14-15 years old: On weekends and school holidays, may work 8 hours per day. On school days, may only work 3 hours per day. 
    • 16-17 years old: On weekends, school holidays, and days preceding weekends and school holidays, may work 8 hours per day. On other school days, may only work 4 hours per day. 

    Are there limits on the types of work that students may do, in light of shelter-in-place orders?

    Yes. Everyone in Alameda County must comply with the shelter-in-place orders issued by Alameda County Public Health Department and Governor Newsom. Per these orders, individuals may only leave their homes in order to carry out “essential” functions (e.g., healthcare, food distribution, law enforcement, etc.). 

    Alameda County’s list of “essential functions” is available at http://www.acphd.org/2019-ncov/shelter-in-place.aspx.

    OUSD is requiring employers to complete Covid-19 Shelter-in-Place Summer Work Permit Employer Amendment form, which states that, if the employer is requiring students to leave their homes in order to complete their work duties, it is because the employer is carrying out essential functions and that they are complying with additional hygiene recommendations.

    Do these limits apply to students with existing work permits?

    Yes. Regardless of whether a work permit is new or has already been issued, OUSD students cannot leave home to work unless their employer falls within an essential industry sector. Non-essential employers should not continue to require students to be physically present in their facilities, and essential employers should ensure proper social distancing and hygiene within their facilities. We encourage families to contact employers to confirm that they are essential, and to ask about social distancing and hygiene procedures.