Cohort 1 Schools

  • UPDATE: August 2019.
    Elmhurst United: Elmhurst and Alliance have successfully merged opened as Elhurst United. Read the Principal's Perspective.
    Futures/CUES:  Futures Elementary School and Community United Elementary School are in the second year of a two year redesign process. They will launch as a single redesigned school for the 2020-21 school year. Read the Principal's Perspective.
    MetWest:  MetWest successfully launched a second campus. This year it will serve 40 more freshman than they did last year. Over four year, they will double the number students they are able to serve. Click here for an update.
    Roots International:  Roots International was closed as of June 2019. The students from Roots are being supported in their transition. Collesium College Prep Academy is expanding the number of students it can serve this year.